Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Da Bes ang Pasko!

I know everybody, or maybe almost all Filipinos have already watched the Coca Cola youtube ad, Where will Happiness Strike Next: OFW Project. A friend tweeted me about it, then after a few hours, it became the talk of the town, through facebook, twitter, and even in the news.

How long have I been working abroad? 5 years. And though unlike those OFWs in the coke ad, I have been coming home every now and then for a short vacation, tears are still relentlessly gushing no matter how many times I have watched it. In those years that I have been working overseas, I have never come home for Christmas. And their longing for celebrating Christmas in the Philippines with the family and loved ones is also my longing.

Have you watched the Christmas station ID of ABS-CBN? That too, struck right to the core of my being. The family having noche buena, while a laptop sits on top of the table with a family member on skype is not new to me.

The first Christmas I spent far from my family is such a sad memory I always remember. In spite of the good food served on the table, experiencing winter for the first time, wearing nice Christmas clothes, Christmas will always be incomplete without the warmth of family and loved ones around you. How foolish of you to touch your laptop screen as if you're wanting to slot in your hand just to get hold of them during a skype conversation on Christmas day.

This year, I will be finally celebrating Christmas in the Philippines with my family. Oh how I long for this day to come.

I still remember in my younger years how much I wanted to spend Christmas eve with friends. Now that I am older, I have realized how important spending time with family is, most especially on special occasions such as this. As I type this, I could not contain the excitement I feel inside that finally, yes finally, I am blessed to be given this wild dream of spending Christmas with my family.

I have missed so many years of of eating noche buena together, of opening gifts together, of hugging and kissing, and spending time with the people I love. This year, I have a gleam in my heart, that this is going to be one of the best Christmases I will ever celebrate.

A very merry Christmas, indeed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

ultimate goal

One of the ultimate goals in my bucket list is to live in at least 5 countries. Right now, I have lived in 3 -- the Philippines, China, and Singapore. Crazy for some, but the thought of it makes me all the more excited about my life.

J talked to me the other day about the thought of relocating somewhere else. A job hunter called if she is willing to push through with a Creative Director position. I was quite hesitant, because there's a lot of things to take into consideration. Then she said, Vietnam. Yes, Vietnam. Then I started to google.

Aside from the fascination of visiting a new place, I am overwhelmed with the places to travel, food to eat, and cultures to blend in to. There's Ho Chi Minh, Halong Bay, nice beaches, good food, and a culture so vibrant I am so excited about. I can easily go to other nearby countries such as Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos, and go back too whenever I want to.

Vietnam would truly be an exact opposite of this fine city. But it has this certain charm -- a charm I can't wait to unravel. Instead of shopping in malls, I might be visiting temples. Instead of watching movies, I might be enjoying the sand on my feet under the hot summer sun. Instead of thinking of climbing up that career ladder, I might be focusing on the little blessings in life that always go unnoticed.

I have been brought into this world who actually gives least importance to worldly things. I'm all after the experience. I want to get to know more about me, in different circumstances, in different places, in interacting with other people.

Vietnam sounds sweet. But I seriously want to live in Bali too. Any more suggestion?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Birthday Weekend Surprise

Because J turned out to be the sweetest over the years (next to me), she kidnapped me for a weekend getaway at Amara Sanctuary Resort at Sentosa as a birthday surprise.

And because I always choose memories over material things, she knew it will definitely make me happy. And yes, it made a memorable 28th birthday!

Upon arrival, the lobby has this relaxing distinct smell which I then realized was ginger. The resort truly exudes that 5-star feel, from the door lock, to the view, to the amenities, to the food, to the pools, and even goes beyond the friendly staff.

A 2-days stay wouldn't be enough to experience the full rest and recreation you would ever want. Feels really good to feel special. I hope birthdays are spent every week.

Sunbathing at the Rooftop Infinity Pool just a few strides from our hotel room.

Most of the moments were spent swimming. Who would not be in awe at the breathtaking view? Everything's seen here, from the Merlion, to the roller coaster at the Universal Studios.

The dream pool where I did non-stop laps.

Waking up like a princess, having coffee with a view like this. Ahhh, life.

Shutters Restaurant where we wad the most romantic fine dining & sumptuous breakfast buffet.

Table for two.

What to eat? Well, the most interesting part, I ate most of them.

Looking for the Fine Dining surprise? Now, that's a different story altogether.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Apple has Changed my Life

44% Macintosh users
4% iPhone users
8% iPod users
<1% iPad users

Audience Statistics of www.oneblissfulnomad.blogspot.com.

Realizing this, more than half of my readers are Apple users, and I guess, today must be a sad day for you too. Like mine.

While in transit going to work today, there was a flashback of how Steve Jobs has touched and changed my life, that founder of technology which has given me the freedom of creativity, innovation, and genius.

2004. I remember my first ever job as a junior graphic designer. iMac. That was my first computer at work. That led to creating designs which made me love my career more. I did not stay long enough in that office, but I made sure that I will be absorbed by companies who are apple users.

2006. After coming back from China for work, I bought my most expensive investment during that time. Seventy-nine thousand pesos paid in cold cash. MacBook. I got in love with this buddy, and even named him, Macky. My acquirement of Macky has led to numerous design projects, both personal and paid, one of which was the birth of The College of Accountancy logo at the University of Santo Tomas. It has kept memories of all my nomadic experiences. It has played the songs which have kept me alive during those nights I was rushing for a deadline. It has kept my connection with people all over the world. It has been with me in the most dreadful and most exciting presentations.

2008. I was leaving for Singapore for good. My iPod classic was with me all throughout I have thought was the longest flight ever in my entire life. Fifi has always been the witness of the happiest, the loneliest, and even the ordinary days of my life. "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" was on repeat during the entire flight, while I browse the photos of family and friends.

2010. J's birthday. We bought an iPod touch. A gadget which opened doors for twitter, and made me follow even celebrities. A gadget which made me play games in the most boring times (while on transit or during meetings). A gadget who has become my running buddy, playing songs and telling me how many kilometers I have run so far.

While I am typing this in front of my MacBook office laptop, I am deeply saddened for the loss of the genius who has changed my life. He has touched many many lives in ways unquantifiable. Steve Jobs, your legacy lives on.

Thank you for your foolishness.
Thank you for your hunger.
Thank you for changing the world.

When I clicked the Safari button, this has appeared from the landing page of apple.com. The loss of a man whom I have only seen on his keynote presentations has crushed my heart deeply.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Much like Love

If there would be anything I would like to do today is to be stuck in my kitchen and whip up something good. Or maybe not even good, but at least whip up something. I wanna get messy, cook, and bake.

I woke up today earlier than usual to finalize the experimental cake pops I have started the night before. Was pretty amazed that I did not hit the snooze button of the alarm, and quickly got up. It was the same feeling when you were a kid, and you have a new toy to play with so you wake up really early in the morning.

I still have the candy melts leftover from the chocolate lollipops I also experimented on a few months ago (but never pushed through). I started to melt the white colour candy melts and mixed with a few red ones, but wasn't able to get the perfect consistency of smoothness. I tried the brown candy melts mixed with green but never turned out to be liquid enough. Both of the mixtures were dumped into the waste bin immediately. Yes, disappointment.

I did not lose hope. I still have a bag of couverture chocolate. You know, the ones you use in chocolate fountains. I melted them but wasn't really getting the perfect consistency of the liquified chocolate. It was not perfect, but it will do.

As I was realizing I am running out of time, I quickly dumped two cake balls into the melted chocolate and placed them inside the fridge. As I am typing this in front of the piles of paper works on my office table, I could not resist thinking what had happened to my experiment I left at home. Sigh.

Was the experiment successful? I don't know yet. This, can only teach me to acquire more patience.

So much like love. Everyday will always be experimental. There will be so many emotions when you are into it. Excitement. Passion. Disappointment. Desperation. Patience. And yes, Hope too. I know it won't be perfect all the time, but the promise of hope will always keep us going. Because there is more to life than this. If this is fucked up, eff it. You can always try again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What a good way to celebrate one's 28th birthday with a sizzling hot Mexican Party!

I've always been excited planning and preparing for parties, of others that is. But this time, I encouraged myself to take up to the challenge of preparing for my own birthday party. I actually didn't have much time for planning. All I have is a strong trust and belief in myself that I will be able to pull it through.

Yes, I've always been a risk taker. And what a way to convince myself more that I still am, I chose to have a Mexican-themed party. Most of the food in my list will be cooked and prepared for the first time ever in my life. Added to that, I've got only 4 hours to prepare for the food including dessert and drinks. Luckily, I've got J who has helped me prepare everything.

Why Mexican? At 28, I have finally realized how flavorful my life is. This day is being celebrated for all the memorable moments that has made my life, tastefully prepared. It was good that I was able to share it with a few, but genuine people I dearly love and chose to add a zest and spice in my life.

Hot.Hot.Hot@28 Invitation

Menu: Tacos, Mexican Fried Chicken Wings, Chili Con Carne, Nachos, Spicy Seafood Mexican Rice
Dessert: Leche Flan (c/o J) Drinks: Fresh Mojitos

Mexican birthday girl making a wish on her third cake

One blissful birthday girl who have been blessed with overflowing love

Thankful for Another Year

Since the month of September has started, or even as early as late August, I was already feeling the blues. It happens every year. It doesn't come as a surprise anymore. I have caught myself countless times with a tear or two, regardless of location, time, and circumstance.

However, this year, I have longed to put more effort into fighting what they call, the "birthday blues." Finally, I have decided to plan and celebrate my very own birthday party! In spite of the busy schedule of friends and loved ones during this month, they made it on my birthday. This has been, thus far, the most special and genuine celebration of life, love, and friendships.

Being the nomad that I am, I am very thankful that people has remembered, not because Facebook gives birthday notifications (unfortunately I don't own an account), or because I bragged about it. I am ever thankful for people that despite the distance, and time difference, have made me feel special in their own sweet ways.

My birthday has made memorable wonderful moments I will forever keep. It feels really good to feel special sometimes.

I am grateful for another year of breath-taking and exciting nomadic experiences.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Today is a Special Day

Today is SuperNanay's birthday.

In special occasions such as this, that's when I feel sadness the most. I've been working and living abroad for five years now, and yet no matter what I do, the getting-used-to-it part will never come, I guess.

There will be surprises for her today. And while I am happy that this is going to be unforgettable for her, I feel lonely that I wouldn't be around, yet again, to witness it.

My very own SuperNanay has been the best mother one could ever have. I and my two sisters are a living testament to that. We wouldn't be as beautiful as we are now if given another mother. I know that she is continuously grateful for where we are now. She can claim it as her most priceless investment.

I am here because I know that she wants me to be the best that I can be. She has given me enough trust to know that this is where I want to be. And I am loving her for that.

They say that if you want to see the future you, just look at your mother because she is the perfect reflection of who you're going to be. Looking at my SuperNanay, I can't wait to grow in wisdom and as graceful, and as beautiful as her.

Sometimes, when I feel this kind of sadness, in special occasions such as this, I just think about how proud my SuperNanay is for what I have become. But what she does not know is that, I am even more grateful and proud, that God has given me the perfect mother.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resuscitating Creativity

One of the goals I would want to achieve for 2011 is to do more of what I love -- one of those was to hone my art. And luckily, I was able to start doing them just before the first quarter of the year ended.

Artist friends from Manila (one was my professor in Composition during college) went to Singapore for an exhibit at The Regent Singapore on 6 May. We helped them during the setup, even supported during the opening. In between setups and serious business, we toured them around and visited museums too. Luckily, there is an ongoing Singapore Biennale 2011 which features 60 artists from all over the world exhibited in different venues including Singapore Art Museum & 8Q. It's good to know too that most of the artists are Filipinos, some are even close to my heart.

After that busy week, I had a eureka moment. I got up one morning setting up a working area in our small flat. Took out a canvas, and started dabbing colors on it. Here's to hoping that one day, I will be coming back to that same gallery, with my portfolio, and saying, "Yes, I am ready for my solo exhibit."

Setting up for "States of Matter" Exhibit by Jef Carnay, Marika Constantino, Mimi Tecson & Wesley Valenzuela at GJ Asian Art at The Regent Singapore.
Exhibit runs till end May.

Mark Salvatus' "Wrapped Traces" for Singapore Biennale 2011
Wrapped Traces is an ongoing project that Mark has undertaken in cities around the world that collaborates with local people to create public archives of personal objects. The artist invites passers-by on the street to draw the outline of a personal object they are carrying onto a wall. In a symbolic act of preservation, the artist "mummifies" the traces of peoples' belongings by filling in the outline of their objects with "wrapped patterns, preserving the memory of the people who have participated.

"Stargazers for My Mother," oil on canvas
A work in progress

Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday's on a Tuesday

An evening date at Friday's on a Tuesday is pure love.
Ended the night with brownie obsession.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to the Real World

Have you ever thought about those times when all you think about is what bag should you be wearing to school, or what will happen to the next episode of the telenovela you are watching, or what color of ponytail should you be wearing? Don't you just miss those times when everything in life was just as simple as you can imagine?

Lately, there have been much of adult responsibilities and experiences that I am facing. Running errands after every pay day eats up my whole weekend -- paying bills, dropping cheques, sending packages, remitting money, going to the market, and the list goes on.

Aside from that, work demands seem to have leveled up. Being a chairman for our corporate volunteering program gets much attention too aside from office work. It feels good though, and meeting the bigwigs are a plus too. I have been invited to the community's inauguration wherein the President of Singapore will be the Guest of Honor. It made me excited, but at the same time quite scared, because I will be meeting a lot of people I don't know, but are the most important ones in the society.

I have been going out lately with colleagues of different race, who have eventually become close friends too. It's not that I am dumping Filipino friends but it feels good to spend time with these people, and realize that no matter how different our cultures are, we are okay to be friends. However, I feel sad because a thai friend has to go back to his country and be with his family.

Whenever I think about what I am going through now, I am little by little realizing that yes, this is the real world -- complex responsibilities, odd situations, letting go, moving on.

I've waited long enough to be a real adult. I have to act and be one.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Happiness is having a sister
Sharing a sandwich
Getting along

For Happiness is anyone and anything at all
that's loved by you.

"You're a Good Man Charlie Brown"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a LOVE Day

And when I'm returning from so far away
She gives me some sweet loving, brighten up my day
Yes it makes me righteous, it makes me feel whole
And it makes me mellow down to my soul

She gives me a crazy, crazy love.
"Crazy Love," Michael Buble

A lucky girl receives two bouquets of flowers on Valentine's Day. In return, she cooks a hearty meal: mashed potatoes, cheese and spinach tortellini in white sauce, and grilled scallops, tiger prawns, and red snapper fillet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sa Bawat...

Sa bawat di pagsara ng mga pintong binubuksan
Sa bawat di pagtakip ng shampoo at toothpaste na ginagamit
Sa bawat paalala na hugasang mabuti ang pinagkainan
Sa bawat singhal sa maling kilos sa kusina
Sa bawat puting damit na naging makulay matapos labahan

Sa bawat hikbi na tanging gabi lang ang may kamalayan
Sa bawat dabog na pilit inaalam
Sa bawat yakap na umaasang aayos ang lahat
Sa bawat mali na pilit itinatama
Sa bawat pangarap na walang kapagurang inaasam

Sa bawat kilos
Sa bawat galaw
Sa bawat araw
Sa bawat gabi
Sa bawat mali
Sa bawat tama

Sa bawat kahapon
Sa bawat ngayon
Sa bawat bukas

Mahal kita.
At yun ang totoo.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pag-ibig, Masdan ang Ginawa Mo?

Ilang araw na akong tumutulong sa flower shop. Taun-taon, ganito ang ginagawa ko tuwing papalapit na ang araw ng mga puso.

Nagtitiklop ng message cards. Isinisilid sa envelope. Naglalakip ng delivery orders. Isinusulat ang bawat mahalagang tagubilin ng nagpadala -- kulay, bilang, at ayos ng mga bulaklak. Sa pagitan ng mga ito ang kilig at emosyon sa pagbabasa ng bawat salitang pilit isinasalin ang nilalaman ng damdamin.

Masaya akong ginagawa ang mga bagay na ito -- alang-alang sa pag-ibig. Sa prosesong ito, marami akong muling nalalaman at natutuklasan. Sa gitna ng pagka-abala, sigalot, at di pagkakaunawaan, marami pa din pala ang himihinto, at nagbubuhos ng atensyon para sa pag-ibig.

Iba-iba ang paraan ng bawat tao upang ipahiwatig ang kanilang pagmamahal. May ibang gumagastos ng malaking halaga para sa mamahaling bulaklak. May iba naman, na sa pagitan ng layo sa kanilang minamahal, pilit pinupunan ng pagpapadala ng mga bulaklak ang kanilang pisikal na pagkukulang. May iba naman, na hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin napapagod sa pagitan ng ilang taong pagdiriwang ng araw ng mga puso bilang mag-asawa. At may iba naman, na pilit pa ring naghahangad ng pagmamahal na hindi nasusuklian magbilang man ng ilan pang taon.

Masayang umibig. Ngunit, higit na masaya ang makita, na kahit saang lugar man ako mapunta, pag-ibig ang tanging wika na nagbibigkis sa ating lahat.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dr. Quack Quack

I woke up early this morning with an aching stomach.

When I was young, my grandmother gives a magic touch whenever we feel ill. She's chanting while rubs my aching stomach with manzanilla. You remember that ointment our parents put on our stomachs when we were still babies whenever we have kabag? Until we've grown up, we still seek grandmother's magic touch to take away that stomach ache. She finishes off with the ritual by gesturing, like putting all the ache in her hands and throwing it away to the nearest open window or door.

It seems unbelievable, but it is really unexplainable how she takes away all the pain.

"Gagaling. Lalakas. Titibay." This is the chant I have acquired from my grandmother. Whenever J feels an aching stomach, I take out that manzanilla we bought from the filipino store and applies it to her stomach, motioning a cross on it. Then finally finishes off the ritual with throwing all the pain to the nearest open window.

She laughed at me the first time I did this to her. But actually amazed how magical the ritual was, and the stomach ache went away easily.

Now that I am the one who needs a magic touch, I asked her if she could do the ritual for me. She started smirking, but trying to get serious. Then she said, "Gagaling, Hihilab..." I said noooo!

Hihilab means, I explained to her is, will still hurt. She apologized. What she meant was, hihilom. But I said, still wrong usage.

She repeated the ritual and finally got it right. I am still curled up in bed, but hoping that her magic touch would soon take effect.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Temporarily Shut Down

I was amazed seeing a walkalator at the Domestic Terminal in Manila. However, it is not working and has a signage that says "Temporarily Shut Down." I was informed that it has been shut down for almost two years now.

Oh well, Manila inconsistencies, I so abhor and love at the same time.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Captivating Camiguin

What is three days compared to a year apart from each other?

I was telling this while tears relentlessly gush from my face. After all that has been done, paid, and scheduled, youngest sister had to tell me day before that she can't miss school and has to efface herself from the Camiguin trip. She remained silent while I incessantly blab about how we have dreamt so much about this, how so much effort has been exhausted to actually make it to reality -- the Tres Marias bonding experience.

Tears after all, was worth it. The three of us made it to "the island of your imagination." It was a long journey to paradise. We took a plane ride to Cagayan de Oro. From CDO, we took a private car to Misamis Oriental. After two hours of land travel, we took a ferry which brought us to Camiguin. Then we took a multi-cab (a jeepney-like vehicle) to Paras Beach Resort.

Finally, after enduring the long hours of travel, we made it. We were warmly welcomed by a drink and a necklace. What amazes me though is how fluent they speak in English. Staff are friendly enough that I said to myself it's going to be a good holiday for me and my sisters.

We visited to places that are all new to us. We ate good food, and got drunk. We made a fool of ourselves like there's no one watching us. We made Camiguin even more captivating because we filled it with beautiful memories.

Our relationship may not be far from other sibling relationships. We had tough times growing up together too. We had to share toys and bikes because parents could not afford to give each one of us. My clothes have to be matching with younger sister's clothes too. When youngest sister was born, I and younger sister took pride in taking care of her, at nine years old, and eight years old respectively.

Now that we've grown older, no one can recognize the age gap anymore. And what is more delightful is that we've matured gracefully and beautifully (literally and figuratively) over the years, whether together or apart.

Camiguin is truly captivating. The pristine white beach is as pure as my love to my biological sisters. We all brought home a memory and rekindled a love that can never be replaced, no matter how different the roads we all take.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Prelude to an Amazing Experience

As Dolly Parton puts it, "If you want a rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." But my sister repudiates. This saying has been used over and over, and she finds it too cliché-ic. She quoted from Katy Pery's Firework, "You don't have to feel like a waste of space, You're original, cannot be replaced, If you only knew what the future holds, After a hurricane comes a rainbow."

No matter what they say about rainbows, the sight brings wonderment to people of all ages.

Dad sent the tres marias to the airport to our first-ever out-of-town bonding experience. We saw a big rainbow, and we just know, it's going to be a memorable trip.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home, Finally

Manila touchdown at the break of dawn. Been waiting long for my sister to pick me up at the airport. I didn't mind much because I never really got bored during the wait. I was fascinated with people at the airport, of people coming and going.

Finally, I saw the car stopped in front of me. Sister came out of the car to load my luggage. Instead of hugging and going through all those emo stuff, we talked and ranted like there was no location or time gap. It seemed like nothing has changed from the time we last saw each other.

While on our way home, I was welcomed by naggigitgitang jeepneys, buses and vehicles on the highway. To while away the fear, sister put the music in full volume, and we both sang as if it was the best road trip ever.

I so missed this inconsistent and ugly, yet enchanting city. I missed Manila.

Finally, I am home.

First Manila sunrise in 2011

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ma - Ma - Manila

Do you actually know the feeling that you want to be excited about something yet it is interrupted?

Do you actually know the feeling that all you want to think about is how happy the next days would be yet there is so much to do?

2 days. 2 more days, and I'd finally wake up to a Manila sunrise. I am too excited, but people and circumstances deliberately hinders all these giddy emotions. I am stuck with numerous workloads and stuff I have to hand over. I just hope I wouldn't have to open this laptop while in Manila for work. So I want to get it done before I leave.

Nine days of pure bliss. I can't wait.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day Tour to the Hospital

So we were in the bus going to the train station. It was too crowded that I always have this chance of getting face-to-face with her. While staring at her, memorizing each contour of her face, and those young and innocent-looking lips, I was stuck looking at her eyes. There was something odd. It looks too weird.

When I told her about it, she hurriedly looked at her iPod touch, her alternate for a mirror, and examined her right eye. She also realized there was something wrong.

After alighting the bus, I forced her to walk to the nearest clinic for a checkup. But the doctor gave a letter, and advised us to go to the emergency of the nearest hospital. I had to call off work too.

It was as if the longest half-day in my entire life. With the long process of different examination, finally, there was a relief. She was not admitted but given two days off from work, different kinds of eye drops, prescribed to have an alternate of hot and cold compress, and has been billed equated to her 2 weeks allowance. At least, it was a bearable challenge. And everything seemed not to be as worse as we expected it would be.

So there was nothing much to do for the day, except to roam around the newly-built first-class hospital. It was overwhelming to see most of the nurses and doctors are Filipinos. Free blankets too for those who feel cold. There were also free BMI checks on every eating place. Food receipts does not only carry the amount of what you bought, but also the calories! And most of all, free apples!

They say, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Isn't it kind of odd that they offer apples right after you see a doctor? Or maybe, the apple we ate takes effect the following day after.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Word Orgasm

I am already on that page, reading the part which made me too absorbed, as if it was real.

I felt an intense heat with the scene, the man who suddenly found himself into a room with a woman he briefly knew of, wearing a light blue dress draping in his naked body, on top of him. Their bodies integrate in a seamless fashion. He began to look at her passionately -- those sweet lips and beautiful lashes, movements that create ripples of emotions. He loved the sight of her breasts with each rising and falling of her deep breath. He gasps at the feeling of the slow rotation of her hips, while her thighs caress his.

Until I heard a loud techno music. Somebody sat beside me with a loud music on his ipod in the train while I was on my way to work. And he is on his earphones, mind you.

Back to reality.

Oh, Murakami, you have this style of writing I so adore.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Year of Nomadic Experiences

I never really had a list of goals I would want to achieve. I just always mumble about them, or talk about them in passing. Most of the time, I forget them, and I could not even gauge the percentage of what I have actually achieved in a year. This list (in random order) might be very good to review once in a while to track where should I be heading to.

1. Keeping Fit
I will religiously continue to engage in an active lifestyle, whether by jogging at least thrice a week, swimming, and maybe have a continuous schedule for badminton.

2. Eating Healthy
I will continue to be conscious of what I eat. I hope I could finally take out eating pork, unless otherwise forced. Therefore, no more pork in my grocery list!

3. Getting a Wise Investment
Finally. This has long been overdue. This year, I hope, when everything turns out well, I could finally call a home of my own. And nope, I don't expect from parents' inheritance. I wouldn't accept it either.

4. Planning More Travels
I am hoping that this year will be full of travels, hopefully a major travel outside Asia. As planned, this will be the year for Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Kota Kinabalu. Would love to go back too either Phuket or Bali. And if finances permit, a European tour, covering France, Italy, and Rome as the major places to visit.

5. Re-Connecting to People
This continuous field trip allowed to expand my horizons, however realizing that I should keep connections open to people, most especially those who are close to my heart. In a world where connecting to people is just as simple as a click of a button, it shouldn't be as tough.

6. Going Outside Boundaries
I know I've always been a risk taker, but there are times too that I have been complacent on my job, roles to play, relationships, etc. This is the year to push more beyond my boundaries and exceed expectations. I will do my best in anything and everything.

7. Doing What I Love
There will always be time for everything, if you really want something done. This year, never having time will not be accepted as an excuse. This year, I will do and hone my art. I plan on doing more personal projects, even with little or no budget.

My goals are not ambitious, however simple as it may seem, these require a lot of efforts too. And there's no better time to start, than now.

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Promise of Sunrise

Have you ever woke up to a day where you feel exhausted, yet you had the whole night of should-have-been regeneration? Have you ever questioned yourself about living your life, and not exactly nailing the whole purpose of it?

I hope that tomorrow and the next days after would be as hopeful as ever, would be as exciting as it has always been, would be a grand pilgrimage that I always look forward to.

Reminiscing the enchanting Bali Sunrise.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Ci Bai Plant

One boring afternoon, I asked our Nursery Manager to take me to a walk into our 13-hectare nursery. I always do this when I feel so tired with bottle-neck workloads and I just have to forget them, even for a while. Aside from eating fruits straight from the trees, it has been a hobby to memorize botanical names of plants, and even amuse myself with certain characteristics.

I asked the Nursery Manager the name of the plant, but he was too hesitant and shy. I didn't know why until I insisted. He took out a leaf, and showed me, like the image shown above. It is called a Ci Bai plant. Ci Bai, pronounced as "ji bai" in hokkien or taiwanese is a word for female sexual organ.

When he told me what Ci Bai is, we both started laughing. What a way to turn around a boring day.

Now an added information for the green mind.