Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ma - Ma - Manila

Do you actually know the feeling that you want to be excited about something yet it is interrupted?

Do you actually know the feeling that all you want to think about is how happy the next days would be yet there is so much to do?

2 days. 2 more days, and I'd finally wake up to a Manila sunrise. I am too excited, but people and circumstances deliberately hinders all these giddy emotions. I am stuck with numerous workloads and stuff I have to hand over. I just hope I wouldn't have to open this laptop while in Manila for work. So I want to get it done before I leave.

Nine days of pure bliss. I can't wait.


  1. ilang oras na lang! yay!

    i'm so happy for you. have a ton of fun with your friends and family. ^_^

  2. Hello! :)

    Happy 1st year anniversary to :)

    See you on Sunday.

    Enjoy Manila.

  3. Hey, it was nice meeting you yesterday. Saya ng kwentuhan! :)

  4. @scout & eloy: Thanks for the meetup! I had fun! Parang ang tagal na natin magkakilala :-)

  5. @oj: salamat sa pagpapaalala. Kung hindi mo pa sinabi, hindi ko pa maaalala. :D