Monday, July 29, 2013


Why are you unnecessarily worrying?
Whom do you fear?
Who can kill you?
Soul is neither born nor does it dies.

What has happened has happened for the best.
What is happening is happening for the best.
What will happen will happen for the best.
Do not brood over the past.
Do not worry about the future.
The present is on.

What is lost, that you are weeping?
What have you brought, that you have lost?
What have you made, that have been destroyed?
You brought not anything.
What you have, you got from here.
What you took, you took from this Universe.
What you gave, you gave unto this Universe.

You have come empty handed and shall go empty handed.
What is yours today was somebody else's in the past and will be somebody else's in the future.
You think it is yours and are deeply engrossed in it.
This attachment is the cause of all your sorrows.

This message was sent to me by one of the people whom I regard as a second mother. The message came at the time I needed answers to questions that kept on lingering. And how amazing to know that it can be answered through questions.

I've been liking the word "Unattachment" lately. It is far different from the word detachment. I realized that when I embrace reality with unattachment, I do things with immense passion and with a sense of purpose, and just offer to the Universe whatever the outcome is. And apparently, it makes a lot of difference.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dear Future Love

When I woke up this morning, I thought about you.

We may have met or we may have not, nevertheless, I still thought about you. When I think of you, there is no face, gender, look or voice that comes up. I just want to think that you will exist in my future. And that realization alone, suffice.

I guess I am liking the fact that I don't have any expectation of you. I just want to have a companion in life who can talk about anything and everything, whom I can exchange laughters and tears with, who will accept and respect me for who I am and who I was. The rest can be compromised.

You see, I write this letter to you at the time that I am broken. Or rather I would say, at the time, I am slowly picking myself up from being broken. I already passed the stage of curling myself up in bed in almost all nights, waking up from swollen eyes due to tears that lulled me to sleep. Though, of course there are still nights, but quite a few now compared to the previous days. I already started to go out of the house to get some real sun, reach out to friends, and wear a smile on my face.

Now, I am already preparing myself for our meeting. I want to call this phase as the preparation stage before finally meeting you. I know you are also preparing to meet me too. I have changed, but I assure you it's all for the better. Though I still weep at mushy love movies and I still scream at sweet surprises, I am now a person who likes to live in the "now," who have cleared the baggage of the past (and does not even intend to carry more in the future).

In my life, I've already given so much love. But surprisingly, there will still be lots of it reserved for you. I am being patient. I know you are worth the wait. We have a lifetime to spend with each other.

See you soon, future love.