Monday, January 30, 2012

My 2011 in Pictures

2011 has truly been a memorable year for me. I have been given so much blessings and enough courage to face hurdles.

Looking at these pictures, it makes me so much thankful and overwhelmed. I can't wait for the surprises in 2012!

It has truly been good.

Blissful Milestones

Talk on Corporate Social Responsibility

Managed a 4-episode TV Programme in Mandarin

Attended my first National Day Parade feeling like a true blue Singaporean

Attended my first Burmese wedding and was the Master of Ceremony

Nomadic Conquers

Camiguin with sisters

Revisiting Bohol with family

Tioman Island getaway

5 times Manila Holiday

Christmas Holiday in Manila after 4 years of not celebrating it with family

Nomadic Encounters

Bebang (my sister from another mother) stopover in Singapore from London

J's friends in Singapore

Sister and her friends in Singapore

Re-connected with old friends whom I only get to see once in a blue moon

My nephew's birthday holiday in Singapore

Totally Blissed-out

J's Birthday Surprise at Cafe Romulo

Adopted a Community! Giving back for J's 30th!

My Birthday Weekend Surprise

This post has been kept in my drafts for days already. It's been tough to fit my 2011 experiences all in one post. I always end up looking at numerous photos and feel nostalgic about them.

So 2012, bring it on! I am ready to make it more colourful as it is now!