Monday, January 29, 2007

to love is to to to bleed?

He said...


Tonight will be the last night ...

The last night I will relive our last time together.

Tonight will be the last night that I beg God to send you back to me...

The last night that I will criticize myself for not being what you wanted.

Tonight will be the last night that I wonder how you are...
what you are doing and who you are with....
The last night I will torment myself of thoughts of you in another's arms.

Tonight will be the last night I wonder why you are unable to love me...
The last night that I will think of myself as 'unlovable.'

Tonight will be the last time I cry like a wounded animal till I fall asleep...
The last night that I toss and turn with thoughts of you.

Tonight I will free myself of you...
You who turned and walked away without so much as a glance.

Tonight I let you go....


She said...


You are one of those books I joyfully picked
And wholeheartedly read…
One of those books I liked and chose to love.
One of the best books ever written.

But like all books, they’d all come to its last page.
The story would have its last chapter,
And would finally be put into a shelf.
Secured. Well kept.

Nevertheless, I’d soon catch myself reading the same old story again.
And have glimpses of the very first time I turned its first page.
I’d never forget how good the story was.

I may have read a lot of books—
Books that are of better story than yours.
I may be reading more books along the journey.
I may like it. I may not.
I don’t know.

But there’s this one thing I want you to take heart.
You were one story I liked…
And chose to love.
Incomparable with the others.
Unique. Extraordinary. Breathtaking.

I hope you’d find a very good book along your journey, too.
Be brave enough to know what’s behind the last page,
Just as you were when you were flipping the very first page.
In that way, whether you liked and loved what you’ve read,
Keep in mind that there has to be another good book at hand—
Waiting to be discovered and read.

Every book has its own story.
That, I’ve tried and proven.
Ours is one very good book--
That I’ve found interesting.
And intriguing.

Always be kept in the shelves of my heart.