Monday, June 25, 2012

Adult Talk

When your parents finally include you in the decision-making process, then maybe they have already regarded you as a grown-up.

So one afternoon, my sisters with my dad drove to the "retiring house." When my sisters and I saw it, dad immediately asked, "okay ba?" (Is it okay?)

I am seeing boisterous laughters and happy, happy conversations in this place. After all, it doesn't feel like a retiring house, but a family's house. We will surely create new memories here, together.

I can't wait to live here too.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Gastronomic Escape: Nando's

It was the only weekend I have before my short trip to Manila and my suitcase still have nothing inside yet. Headed to Johor Bahru for some shopping for my family but ended up eating at Nando's.

We usually come to JB to eat steak at Stonegrill but we were very experimental and we wanted to add a new favorite on our list. When we saw Nando's, we were already attracted by the ambience, very-well presented marketing materials, and yes, good copy. Did I say I am so much enticed with something that is very well written and presented? The power of advertising really works for me, even if I've been breathing it all my life.

Nando's is a Portuguese restaurant which is a home to their flame-grilled peri-peri chicken. You can choose your chicken from herbs and lime, to mild, to hot, to extra hot! Their sidekicks are all looking good! We had three sides: Peri-peri chips, Mediterranean rice, and coleslaw. Their sauces range from your normal tomato ketchup to their very own garlic peri-peri, hot peri-peri, and extra hot peri-peri.

As I type this, I'm still thinking of how good it was. Definitely coming back! What diet? :P

Good advertising makes a lot of difference!
Sauce all you can!
Two thighs, Peri-peri chips, Mediterranean rice, coleslaw and drink-all-you-can iced lemon tea FTW!
True! Gotta try it for yourself!
You can take home some of these sauces too!
We should have ordered another chicken instead. This chocolate cake is blah!
City Square Mall
Lot MB-07, B1, Johor Bahru City Square (Jalan Wong Ah Fook), Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia 80400

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I called home last weekend, like most of OFWs usually do.

Mom told me that dad finally bought the house that they wanted to retire in. It was 250sqm big, with zen interiors, marble flooring, a nice garden, with a bath tub at the Master's T&B. The neighborhood is nice, and the subdivision is safe. Houses around the area are elegantly built.

I got so excited to finally see it. I was even telling mom that it is near the airport so whenever they pick me up, the travel time won't be too long. I can do my gardening. The kitchen will be just nice for my cooking and baking.

But after the phone call, I realized that it won't be OUR home. It will be THEIR home. Just for the two of them--the place they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Not with me. Not with my two other sisters.  I got a place in Caloocan, and might probably live there once I get tired of living in a foreign country. My sister got a condo in Mandaluyong and might live with my nephew since it will be near his school. My youngest sister might inherit the place in San Mateo which my mom and dad bought since we were young.

And that house, my childhood home who took care of me since I was born will soon be just a memory. It was that home which witnessed our growing years, our happy times and even sad ones. The laughters that echo in that little house will only be reminiscent of my younger years. I have yet to say goodbye to every nook of it. I am praying that I will have the privilege of seeing it for one more time.

Growing is tough. Accepting changes are tougher because it makes a person more attuned to reality.

Now that my sisters and I are all grown up, with different careers and responsibilities to take on, my mom and dad can finally think about themselves. After all these years of toiling for our good education and ample food on our table, they truly deserve a life that we took from them when they were still lovers.

It will take a lot of getting used to with these changes. Oh well. My parents are assured that they have my blessings. They can finally "settle down."