Wednesday, September 28, 2011


What a good way to celebrate one's 28th birthday with a sizzling hot Mexican Party!

I've always been excited planning and preparing for parties, of others that is. But this time, I encouraged myself to take up to the challenge of preparing for my own birthday party. I actually didn't have much time for planning. All I have is a strong trust and belief in myself that I will be able to pull it through.

Yes, I've always been a risk taker. And what a way to convince myself more that I still am, I chose to have a Mexican-themed party. Most of the food in my list will be cooked and prepared for the first time ever in my life. Added to that, I've got only 4 hours to prepare for the food including dessert and drinks. Luckily, I've got J who has helped me prepare everything.

Why Mexican? At 28, I have finally realized how flavorful my life is. This day is being celebrated for all the memorable moments that has made my life, tastefully prepared. It was good that I was able to share it with a few, but genuine people I dearly love and chose to add a zest and spice in my life.

Hot.Hot.Hot@28 Invitation

Menu: Tacos, Mexican Fried Chicken Wings, Chili Con Carne, Nachos, Spicy Seafood Mexican Rice
Dessert: Leche Flan (c/o J) Drinks: Fresh Mojitos

Mexican birthday girl making a wish on her third cake

One blissful birthday girl who have been blessed with overflowing love

Thankful for Another Year

Since the month of September has started, or even as early as late August, I was already feeling the blues. It happens every year. It doesn't come as a surprise anymore. I have caught myself countless times with a tear or two, regardless of location, time, and circumstance.

However, this year, I have longed to put more effort into fighting what they call, the "birthday blues." Finally, I have decided to plan and celebrate my very own birthday party! In spite of the busy schedule of friends and loved ones during this month, they made it on my birthday. This has been, thus far, the most special and genuine celebration of life, love, and friendships.

Being the nomad that I am, I am very thankful that people has remembered, not because Facebook gives birthday notifications (unfortunately I don't own an account), or because I bragged about it. I am ever thankful for people that despite the distance, and time difference, have made me feel special in their own sweet ways.

My birthday has made memorable wonderful moments I will forever keep. It feels really good to feel special sometimes.

I am grateful for another year of breath-taking and exciting nomadic experiences.