Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of eating chocnut and tinapa

If there would be anything more to call heaven more than heaven itself (as in "heavenest"?) then, maybe this is it.

Mama Gwen just came back last night from a two-week vacation in Manila.  Who would actually believe that she has now renewed a contract in our company after two long years?  She must've chosen to finish her contract, but instead of leaving us, she came back to china and renewed her contract--for love's and selflessness' sake.

I fondly call her "Mama Gwen" because since the first day i've been here, she's been a mother to me. well, almost. not anly to me, but being one of the eldest here, she's been a mother to everyone as well.  We welcomed her with open arms. We locked ourselves inside the common room so by then she goes inside, we'd all welcome her with loud shouts and hands clapping and hugs... and teary eyes as well.  she brought a lot of stuffs that came way back home from our families.  Karla got her tinapa, and tuyo, and pusit. all soo yummy and very filipino.  I got my cheese spreads, margarine and all those stuffs. plus i got all kinds of chocolates--macadamia, almonds, dark chocolates, white chocolates. but i didnt bother to give them too much attention because, what the heck, they have it here too. i jumped with awe when i saw chocnuts. very filipino. oohhh i terribly miss them. good thing, they sent a lot of it. i hope it wouldnt ran out. sigh.

So we were looking forward to eating all of it. :) yum. we finally decided to eat tinapa during lunchtime. we also cooked luncheon meat.  I ate a lot I admit. the tinapa ran out fast! i even used my bare hands to eat! after lunch, we just put the luncheon meat inside the fridge. hah! hindi mabenta!

And then I thought, if there would be more heaven than the one I experienced the last time, this is the "heavenest!"  Sometimes, the things we take for granted are the things we miss so bad when we finally realize we dont already have them in our grasp.

I love being filipino.

ang mga chinese ba may ganito?

ganito ba kasarap mabuhay sa china?

this is HEAVENEST.

Goodnight world. Till our next meeting in heaven. :)

ohh, before i sleep, i'd eat more of my chocnuts. yum! gusto mo?

Saturday, August 12, 2006

A Taste of Heaven

Yes. I tasted heaven. at last.

Finally, after ending the whole week without dinner dates, which we pinays usually do, we've finally decided to eat dinner and spend some time in MYX-C, shenzhen city. while we're heading to the place (thank god, we rented a van and not decided to ride a bus, i might puke, i swear!), i began to hallucinate. -- i thought of the things i usually do every saturday night. my friends would usually fetch me at home and head off to timog or tomas morato just for a few sets of billiards with ice cold san mig light until we doze off. then after having the feeling of "drunkeness," our feet would automatically bring us to starbucks. then have more of my most loved hobby, conversations, which, most of the times i call, "sharing of thoughts." and thus am fullfilled with my day. just regretting the hangover i got the next day. but still, doing the routine again would maybe, in a way, lessen the hangover. --then a friend shook me, told me to have enough of those hallucinations. because wtf, am already here in china. i have to keep it in mind. and just maybe i'll be doing the same routine again after 2 loong years! so there, enough.

Finally, after an hour or so, finally, we reached our destination. Maybe my hallucinations were just the effect of my grumbling stomach. gosh, i am soo hungry then, i could eat a horse. then finally, we saw "the spaghetti house," the place we're dying to eat. (fyi: it's very hard to find any kind of pasta in an ordinary restaurant here in china. especially here in shenzhen. they only have pancit. that's why we grabbed the opportunity.) but then again, a lot of people were eating, so we had to wait for 30mins more or so. but that didn't make me feel mad, though i am having a headache already (cause:grumbling stomach again), because looking back i saw something familiar.someting i know close to me.close to my heart. was i dreaming? is it really the flag of the philippines?

pilipinas kong mahal
and yes. i was able to make sure of it. it IS the flag of my oh-so-beloved country. i've realized that they are holding an ice skating competition where the philippines is a delegate. not only that, i've learned they are the defending champion. gosh i was so proud! then i've seen a lot of filipinos.parents and delegates. then seeing teenage ice skaters, i started to think about my sister's classmate and friend. oh my god, katherine has to be there. then, eavesdropper as i am, i asked filipinos if they know an ice skater by the name of katherine mae anonuevo.then they told me that she's still inside the rink. it made a beam on my face. i swear. a person who is always invited during my sister's party (that i don't usually hang around) is here in a foreign land where i also am! i left a note to one of her colleagues, hoping we could meet up before she goes home to the philippines. sigh. i didnt bother to wait for her because i still need to attend to my aching stomach plus head. so we returned to the resto.

eating time
we ordered for 2 baskets of chiken and chips, a fusilli with mushroom,bacon and white sauce, and a large whole hawaiian pizza. plus a pitcher of lemon iced tea. five of us shared in the meal. so that makes 54RMB/each for a sumptuous dinner i barely experience lately. what can i say? but it was ohh-soo-good... :)

was i dreaming?
they told me they have starbucks here. and ahh, i remember. one of my hallucinations a while ago. and there, almost with bended knees, i begged to have an experience again of how it's like, chatting and drinking your favorite frappuccino sitting outside with their umbrella covered tables. the place and environment was just like greenbelt. or was i hallucinating again? this time effect of being so full. upon ordering, i am telling myself that even a tear should not fall. but i really felt teary eyed. i felt that i was like dreaming. as in. this is china. who would have thought there will be starbucks here. gosh. and so i ordered myself a tall mocha frappuccino. i sat down with friends smiling because of a lot of reasons. 1. i missed starbucks 2. i missed mocha frappuccino and caramel coffee jelly (but the latter, they dont have it here) 3. i missed the things i used to do ( especially spending a lazy day at starbucks) 4. i am missing my friends that i used to hang out with 5.just because purely i miss everything i used to do.i know starbucks will never be the same with a constant customer like me.

i headed home happy. not completely happy, but at least happy. i thank god that every now and then, he gives me a taste of heaven in a place i thought i'd never imagine would have. i am missing my friends i left back home. but i am happy that i get to eat at a spaghetti house, sit and have coffee at starbucks with my new found friends, and i recognize too, as of the moment, as my family.

at muli ko na namang tinanggap ang pagdungaw sa bukang liwayway ng tunay na mundo...

sa susunod na pagtakas muli sa tunay na mundo... at matitikman kong muli ang langit. haaay. :)


My life was a constant uphill climb
Never got it right
Each one I love
Went through a change of heart

You came and my world turned upside down
You sung a different tune
Can't let go
It keeps playing on my mind

Now there's a reason to wake up each day
A reason to shake my blues away
Now I am whole, a lucky soul
Wanna thank you for your love
Thank you. Thank you for your love

Confused , my heart was in a daze
Learned to live with pain
I loved in haste
Then watched it go to waste

You came and brought music to my soul
Inspired me to the very core
You touched me where
No one has been before

Now there's a reason to wake up each day
I thank the Lord for sending you my way
Now I am whole, A lucky soul
Wanna thank you for your love
Thank you, thank you for your love

I saw the world in shades of black and gray…hey
Turning blue with every passing day
Just when I thought that maybe all was lost
My life took on a new turn
And it's all because, it's because

No looking back, no more pain
No more dark clouds, no more rain
Thank you. Thank you for your love.

* cheers to a month older of sharing a lifetime with you...
and i end my day with an intensely beaming heart.

goodnight world. embrace me again with your love tomorrow. :)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alone but not Lonely


as the smoke drowns itself into the air.

and there i start to be alone with myself. started to think about the things i've done, the things i need to do, and the things that are yet to be done. i am starting to make my time wothwhile.

and there i thought...

i knew god prepared everything for this. not just me. but my environment as well. because i finally realized, that if ever i brought the old oh-soo-mushy earla baby here, she could not survive. that, i am very sure of. that's why, i just brought the steady-lang-easy-go-lucky earla baby here. and until now, i cannot assure that she's surviving, but at least, getting by.

i loved being with people. i loved sharing thoughts with people over a cup of coffee and a few fags. conversations and studying people's personalities are my top hobbies.

but then again, i realized, sometimes it's better to enjoy my hot coffee and a few fags, and just listen carefully to the innermost feelings of the heart.

and with that, i am content. just by being alone with myself.

alone but not lonely.

Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I never thought i'd ever be this workaholic in my entire life. not just workaholic because i am obliged to. workaholic in the sense that, i am soo into my work. i just recently realized that working for me now is not just earning for a living, but working for me now, is learning more, and re-learning and entirely putting passion in my craft.

During my stay here, I may say that i've had a lot of no's from the layouts i made. but hearing a single yes out of those no's, made me feel satisfied, especially in a world of really tough competition. maybe in the following days, i may probably get more yes answers than no. :) and i am very much optimistic. i just needed more slap in the butt...

top 3's

1. my fingers hurt again. not because i did laundry (which is the reason most of the time), but because karla and i cleaned our room. i didnt realize that i put a lot of effort on scrubbing the floor, my fingers ache already.

2. at last, my 4 bag collections of garfield are finally approved by PAWS!! am just soo happy. i just need the production for samples. :)

3. finally i saw the pictures of flowers that i sent mom for her birthday. :) they're so lovely. really, it's prettier than the ones dad gave :P

Sunday, August 6, 2006


Yesterday was a very busy day for me. Also, one of those days I am thinking of going back home. It's mom's birthday yesterday. I sent her beautiful flowers which i hope brought tears into her eyes. But investing on even a huge bouquet of flowers would not even replace the joy of my mom when I am with her. :( Hearing their voices on the telly added more tears into my eyes. Lola even told me what she had prepared for mom. kare kare. barbeque. pancit. lumpiang shanghai. grilled eggplant. all of which are my top favorites. I even heard loud voices of my cousins and godchildren playing around. made me think they're once again happy to see each other in our mini reunion which happens every weekend. fight na! i even heard my uncles and other tong its playmates. i know that in anytime, someone would shout and say he wins, and gets all the pot.

i cried. i cried hard. i miss a lot of things just because i wanted a beautiful career. i terribly miss the food. even if i roam around the big country of china, i wont be able to taste the best dishes that lola always prepare especially on occasions like this. Not only food do i terribly miss. I miss most my family, my loved ones, even the things that we used to do. i know they have an empty chair on our tong its table reserved for me. I know also that the other microphone is also reserved once i get back home. they told me videoke will never be the same without me. i pray that days would drag much faster. and i'd be in the loving arms of my family and loved ones again...

TOP 3's:

1. Though i was a lil bit down due to my absense on mom's bday, i treated myself to kung fu. was really good food. never thought i'd be loving soymilk in my entire life.

2. When we pass by Mcdonald's, i saw their happy meal! and it's the most lovable and the i-wanna-die-for-it THE DOG! so i got myself 2 happy meals which i am eating for breakfast now. :)

3. We watched the sassy girl on DVD. I cried so hard. "it's building the bridge of chance for your love..."


"of all the moms in the world, i'd still definitely choose you!
Sheng ri kuai le, mommy!
from your daughter across the miles... i love you so much!"