Thursday, August 10, 2006

Alone but not Lonely


as the smoke drowns itself into the air.

and there i start to be alone with myself. started to think about the things i've done, the things i need to do, and the things that are yet to be done. i am starting to make my time wothwhile.

and there i thought...

i knew god prepared everything for this. not just me. but my environment as well. because i finally realized, that if ever i brought the old oh-soo-mushy earla baby here, she could not survive. that, i am very sure of. that's why, i just brought the steady-lang-easy-go-lucky earla baby here. and until now, i cannot assure that she's surviving, but at least, getting by.

i loved being with people. i loved sharing thoughts with people over a cup of coffee and a few fags. conversations and studying people's personalities are my top hobbies.

but then again, i realized, sometimes it's better to enjoy my hot coffee and a few fags, and just listen carefully to the innermost feelings of the heart.

and with that, i am content. just by being alone with myself.

alone but not lonely.

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