Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I never thought i'd ever be this workaholic in my entire life. not just workaholic because i am obliged to. workaholic in the sense that, i am soo into my work. i just recently realized that working for me now is not just earning for a living, but working for me now, is learning more, and re-learning and entirely putting passion in my craft.

During my stay here, I may say that i've had a lot of no's from the layouts i made. but hearing a single yes out of those no's, made me feel satisfied, especially in a world of really tough competition. maybe in the following days, i may probably get more yes answers than no. :) and i am very much optimistic. i just needed more slap in the butt...

top 3's

1. my fingers hurt again. not because i did laundry (which is the reason most of the time), but because karla and i cleaned our room. i didnt realize that i put a lot of effort on scrubbing the floor, my fingers ache already.

2. at last, my 4 bag collections of garfield are finally approved by PAWS!! am just soo happy. i just need the production for samples. :)

3. finally i saw the pictures of flowers that i sent mom for her birthday. :) they're so lovely. really, it's prettier than the ones dad gave :P


  1. earle baby!!! how are you? dont wori, i too have had the same dillema... but you need not worry coz in due time you'll het the hang of it... keep it goin' aiite!!! everybody needs a got butt slappin' once in a while... especially if its as big as yours hahahahahaha!!!! missin' all the good times...

  2. mars!!!!!!!!! i soo miss you! punta ko jan sa singapore next year! or basta ater my contract here! me too! i soo miss the gud ol' days! waahhhh