Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Of eating chocnut and tinapa

If there would be anything more to call heaven more than heaven itself (as in "heavenest"?) then, maybe this is it.

Mama Gwen just came back last night from a two-week vacation in Manila.  Who would actually believe that she has now renewed a contract in our company after two long years?  She must've chosen to finish her contract, but instead of leaving us, she came back to china and renewed her contract--for love's and selflessness' sake.

I fondly call her "Mama Gwen" because since the first day i've been here, she's been a mother to me. well, almost. not anly to me, but being one of the eldest here, she's been a mother to everyone as well.  We welcomed her with open arms. We locked ourselves inside the common room so by then she goes inside, we'd all welcome her with loud shouts and hands clapping and hugs... and teary eyes as well.  she brought a lot of stuffs that came way back home from our families.  Karla got her tinapa, and tuyo, and pusit. all soo yummy and very filipino.  I got my cheese spreads, margarine and all those stuffs. plus i got all kinds of chocolates--macadamia, almonds, dark chocolates, white chocolates. but i didnt bother to give them too much attention because, what the heck, they have it here too. i jumped with awe when i saw chocnuts. very filipino. oohhh i terribly miss them. good thing, they sent a lot of it. i hope it wouldnt ran out. sigh.

So we were looking forward to eating all of it. :) yum. we finally decided to eat tinapa during lunchtime. we also cooked luncheon meat.  I ate a lot I admit. the tinapa ran out fast! i even used my bare hands to eat! after lunch, we just put the luncheon meat inside the fridge. hah! hindi mabenta!

And then I thought, if there would be more heaven than the one I experienced the last time, this is the "heavenest!"  Sometimes, the things we take for granted are the things we miss so bad when we finally realize we dont already have them in our grasp.

I love being filipino.

ang mga chinese ba may ganito?

ganito ba kasarap mabuhay sa china?

this is HEAVENEST.

Goodnight world. Till our next meeting in heaven. :)

ohh, before i sleep, i'd eat more of my chocnuts. yum! gusto mo?

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  1. nung isang araw naghahanap din ako ng tinapa.. meron daw dito eh.. d ko nga lang alam pa kung nasan! shux, sarap nun with sinangag and egg!