Sunday, August 6, 2006


Yesterday was a very busy day for me. Also, one of those days I am thinking of going back home. It's mom's birthday yesterday. I sent her beautiful flowers which i hope brought tears into her eyes. But investing on even a huge bouquet of flowers would not even replace the joy of my mom when I am with her. :( Hearing their voices on the telly added more tears into my eyes. Lola even told me what she had prepared for mom. kare kare. barbeque. pancit. lumpiang shanghai. grilled eggplant. all of which are my top favorites. I even heard loud voices of my cousins and godchildren playing around. made me think they're once again happy to see each other in our mini reunion which happens every weekend. fight na! i even heard my uncles and other tong its playmates. i know that in anytime, someone would shout and say he wins, and gets all the pot.

i cried. i cried hard. i miss a lot of things just because i wanted a beautiful career. i terribly miss the food. even if i roam around the big country of china, i wont be able to taste the best dishes that lola always prepare especially on occasions like this. Not only food do i terribly miss. I miss most my family, my loved ones, even the things that we used to do. i know they have an empty chair on our tong its table reserved for me. I know also that the other microphone is also reserved once i get back home. they told me videoke will never be the same without me. i pray that days would drag much faster. and i'd be in the loving arms of my family and loved ones again...

TOP 3's:

1. Though i was a lil bit down due to my absense on mom's bday, i treated myself to kung fu. was really good food. never thought i'd be loving soymilk in my entire life.

2. When we pass by Mcdonald's, i saw their happy meal! and it's the most lovable and the i-wanna-die-for-it THE DOG! so i got myself 2 happy meals which i am eating for breakfast now. :)

3. We watched the sassy girl on DVD. I cried so hard. "it's building the bridge of chance for your love..."


"of all the moms in the world, i'd still definitely choose you!
Sheng ri kuai le, mommy!
from your daughter across the miles... i love you so much!"


  1. puta... bakit ba kita.. namimiss..??? naiiyak ako sa mga blog mo.. tama na.. :( hay.. kung lam mo lng kung gano na kita hinahanap..

  2. okay lang yun, bebang. lapit na tyo magkita :)