Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Journey Inside

I never liked idle time. Whenever I am into one, I feel like I don't have purpose anymore, and I might as well die. So, I make sure I am doing something -- read a good book, browse through tutorials on how to properly sew a dress, or in this case, draw.

I have never held a pencil and a drawing book for the longest time. Whenever I do, I end up doodling and never finish an artwork. But yeah, my artworks are never finished. Even in my college years, whenever I see my finished paintings, I still dab a few strokes of my paintbrush. They are never finished even when everybody knows they are. It's always a work in progress.

Today, I bravely flipped a new page of my drawing book and started to draw myself. As far as I can remember, I've never tried drawing a self portrait. There's a kind of fear in me whenever I attempt to draw myself. But today, I wanted to conquer that fear. I drew myself.

During the whole drawing process, I learned to know myself more. Maybe it's true that whenever artists draw their self portraits, they are having a different kind of connection with themselves and they become more aware of their inner selves. I was able to succumb into that kind of feeling. I enjoyed every moment of it.

When you want to go into a journey, travel inside you. There are a multitude of things waiting to be explored and realized. It will surely be a memorable one.

I may have more of this kind of pilgrimage in the coming days. It feels good to know myself again.

Self Portrait
24 May 2012

Monday, May 14, 2012

A Sweet Weekend at Cameron Highlands

Even with my terribly busy schedule, I try to make time for myself to travel. Otherwise, I'd surely be feeling bad for not looking forward to anything at all.

I once closed a work-related deal with one of the group-buying sites in Singapore. It seems that their company is quite fine so I tried booking a travel deal which is relatively cheap.

So there, Cameron Highlands. It is located at the northern part of Malaysia, farther than Genting. It is quite relative to the Philippines' very own Baguio City. It's further up north, cold, with a very rich soil good for planting, thus, beautiful flowers that bloom all over, one of the biggest tea plantations, strawberries and lots of organic vegetables.

It's a 10-hour long coach ride from Singapore. Left Friday night, and reached Cameron Highlands the following morning. We went straight to the tour which includes visiting strawberry farms which allows strawberry picking, the awesome BOH tea plantation which we get to see the production of tea sold in the market with tea tasting in different flavors, Mount Brinchang, the highest peak of Cameron Highlands, 6666ft above sea level, flower and vegetable farms, watercress and open terraces plantations. Ended the day with  a buffet steam boat dinner, which serves organic and fresh vegetables together with fresh seafoods. It was truly the short break that I've always wanted, just enough to squeeze into my busy work schedule.

 Walking along the ginormous BOH tea plantation

Muddy nature trek

Picking my fresh broccoli to bring back home

Fresh lettuce which uses hydrophonic farming

 This is such a happy place for me! One punnet of strawberries to bring back home
(while another punnet is already inside my tummy just before we left the plantation)


Dinner Time

Woke up to a beautiful sunrise

Enjoying my coffee overlooking the beautiful Cameron Highlands, basking in the very cold weather while writing love letters

Friday, May 4, 2012


Happiness is chasing after the things you love -- like a fierce hairstyle.