Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A moment with my past

I never imagined na dito pa sa lugar na ito at sa moment na ito kami magkakadaupang palad. (Este magkakadaupang nitso pala...)


Saturday, June 23, 2007


She held and pressed my hand for the last time, then the tricycle I was riding on went away...

It was my last memory of her. I'd be counting again years just to be able to see her again, and be with her, and have that hug that I've always had when she comes home. This time is diffrent from the past coming home. Because this time, her coming back to the Philippines has never been uncertain than this.

She's almost more than one hour in flight to Nagoya. She'll be busy again, preparing for her next trip that have crushed my heart so many times. She's migrating to US with her husband, and meatball. We will be at the world's both ends. Too far from each other. Coudn't contain the thought, that while I gaze at a beautiful sunrise, she wonders at the sight of the moon.

She went to the Philippines ahead of me. While I was just about to ride the plane from Singapore to Manila, she has just landed Manila from Japan. I would have wanted to stay in Malaysia because I'm still at the verge of having a good career soon. But knowing that she will be coming home and stay just for less than a week, I immediately decided to go home, and catch up with her, and spend moments with her, before she goes far, farther than where she is now.

We've been friends for more than 5 years. Words could not express how important and significant she is in my life. She has never ever failed on me. She was the only person who never fails to give me clothes that really fit, no matter how big or slim I have become. She makes wonderful and teary-eyed surprises, wherever I am and whenever she wants to, even without occasions. She treats me to places I have never been to. She taught me the word "bubblewrap" and the small pack inside bags and shoes that says "do not eat" (sorry, forgot the word again). She hugs as if you wouldn't want to let go. She has always been there, from my lowest to the victories of my life. She has been a nurturing mother. She always argues with me. She makes me cry a lot. She makes me see things differently.

She will always be my favorite person.
Who says no soul can keep a long distance relationship?
Our friendship has been tested by the tides of times. And though most of the times, we are away from each other, our friendship continues to grow and stay strong.


Me and my favorite person in our favorite Starbucks venue (Starbucks, Bayview Park Hotel, U.N. Ave. Manila)

I'll be definitely missing you again, just like those other times you left. You may think I am not appreciative at times, but I hope being proud of you, and letting the world wide web that you are my favorite person would at least give a smile in your heart.

I love you MIN.
You will always be my favorite person.

And oh, it gave me a little relief when you told me "di bale, susunod ka naman eh..." I don't want to expect, but knowing you've said that, gives me even a bit of a hope. And thank you din, dahil anjan ka, habang nagluluksa ako.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I want to be...


When I was still in China, Karla and I have always dreamed to be a barista at Starbucks. I never had the chance to apply here in the Philippines because my mind was too preoccupied with so many things, and I was thinking that if ever I work as a barista here in the Philippines, it has to be somewhere far, where there would be little or no chance that someone might bump into me, and would ask me what the hell happened to me! That's why when I was in Malaysia, friends pushed me to sign up and apply. But of course, I left Malaysia already, and it's too late for them to call now or on the next days to come.


I was at Diamond Hotel with Min the other day and I saw and heard a guy singing his heart out. It was so beautiful and almost perfect. I've sung so many times in different places, but just for the fun of it. I've always loved singing. And I thougt that if ever I would make it as a career, I will never get tired of pleasing people from all walks of life.


I know this is new. I was at a bookstore yesterday trying to look for another good book to read, but I end up looking at illustrated children's books, with which some of the illustrators carry very familiar names. And a thought got into my mind. I wanted to draw for these books. I want to make children happy. This is the newest added to all the dreams I want to pursue. So if anyone of my readers is in great need of my services, I can offer you help! for free even! I just want to be a children's book illustrator!

When I had the chance to be alone with myself a few days back, I got a lot of time to reflect on things and circumstances. I've realized that I got so many plans in mind. Having so many plans and so many destinations to go to, and so many paths to take, I always end up on a detour. It got me nowhere else to go. And though I have a list here of the things I want to be, I have a career path that I am taking. And nobody can ever stop me from climbing up that ladder. Min told me about a saying that her father told her that she will never forget.

"A rolling stone gathers no moss."

It was something I will never forget. even maybe in my lifetime. During the last few weeks, I felt I kept on rolling. I never stopped at one place. I didn't dwell on what's really essential. on what's really necessary. And becasue of it, I gathered no moss. I gathered nothing.

Everything's coming into proper places now for me, I guess.

For now, I just want to keep still.
I don't want to keep on rolling.
So I can start to gather moss.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

i lost count.

Last night was really a night to remember. That, I must say. I drank 3 glasses of vodka then 3 more frozen margaritas, then i lost count. I met a very wonderful chinese guy, Jackie. Now, i have someone to talk to, i gotta practice my mandarin language. In exchange of that, I'm teaching him the Filipino language. We went to The Zon where we had a few glasses at The Palm lounge where the singers and dancers are all Filipino. (woohoo! proud me!) Ater that, we danced the night away (I claim to say, my favorite bar now :P) at Handle Bar were interiors are all harley davidson and plus, got a very great band I will never forget.

I've been here in JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) for five days now. I'm loving every moment of it now than the last time I went here. I eat good food. I meet a whole bunch of very good and friendly people that came all over the world. I drink so much without thinking of what tomorrow will bring. I live in a good home. I've got so many nice places to go to. I can swim whenever I want to. What more can you possibly ask in a place where you could almost feel heaven?

I almost forgot the job in Singapore. Gotta be there in a few days.

At least, I can say, I'm getting on putting myself right back on track. That's a good sign for me.

Earla baby. :)

I almost forgot about Big brother. What the hell happened to that loveteam?

Monday, June 4, 2007

Another Land Conquered.

The moon was in full when my family and I went off to conquer Nasugbu, Batangas. It was the last hirit of a summer getaway before I finally go to Singapore and Malaysia. I have always loved Philippine beaches. And I loved every moment I was there.

Everything in the whole trip mesmerized me. Here's a list to the things I have done and conquered (that you people in China would be so dead-jealous of)... :P

1. The beach has it's own unique and friendly waves. Local people told me that unlike in La Union that beaches have big and dangerous waves, Batangas waters have "friendly waves." Just enough to learn amatuer surfing. *wink*

2. I met a rasta-slash-henna-slash-surfer guy! Just imagine this dear reader. My cousin and I were strolling the beach while we saw this astig reggae place that says "HENNA TATTOO." On this shop were surf boards that were designed. and mind you, people, can be rented at a cheaper price. With FREE surfing lessons. (Or maybe that case was just for me. hehe) My cousin wanted to have her henna done so we stayed there and saw that guy. He was in his aviator shades and with dreadlocks done in his hair. The only rasta guy I know who doesn't drink liquor nor smoke. Before he started doing the Henna tattoo on my cousin, he played reggae music. big mountain that is. Everything I love was right there in front of me. I love that rasta guy. :)

3. After the Henna done on my cousin, it's my turn. I was a liitle bit scared but who would have thought that I can take lessons on surfing not in siargao, or even in la union, but just right here in this uncommercialized place. I had my first ever surfing lessons! With only one session, I was able to ride the surf board and stand up. I just need "trimming," that was what the rasta guy said. But hey! I'm starting to love this dream sport that became a reality. I conquered SURFING! yeah!

4. I also learned the basics of skimboarding. Skimboarding (or skimming) by the way, as defined by wikipedia is a sport which involves riding a board on wet sand or shallow water. I tried that too. The nicest thing about this is that when I fall, I get to stand up and try again, just like surfing. No matter how much saltwater got into my ears and nose, I need to get up, and try to be with the waves again.

5. This place got a bunch of the nicest people in the world. We were treated VIP! woohoo!

6. I missed that bulalo in Tagaytay. Before we went off to Batangas, we stopped at a Bulaluhan in Tagaytay to eat lunch.

7. Though I've been a Starbucks addict, it was still different to stop by Tagaytay on our way home and grab our favorite frapuccinos. And oh, Hannah got that strawberry lollipop, too. Priced at 30PHP. (Di ba piso lang ang lolipop?)

8. I finally got to be with my family before leaving Philippines again. I missed them and I have loved every single moment I was with them. It was something. Everything was almost perfect.

I loved Nasugbu, Batangas. I need to go back there. Anyone coming with me? :)