Sunday, June 10, 2007

i lost count.

Last night was really a night to remember. That, I must say. I drank 3 glasses of vodka then 3 more frozen margaritas, then i lost count. I met a very wonderful chinese guy, Jackie. Now, i have someone to talk to, i gotta practice my mandarin language. In exchange of that, I'm teaching him the Filipino language. We went to The Zon where we had a few glasses at The Palm lounge where the singers and dancers are all Filipino. (woohoo! proud me!) Ater that, we danced the night away (I claim to say, my favorite bar now :P) at Handle Bar were interiors are all harley davidson and plus, got a very great band I will never forget.

I've been here in JB (Johor Bahru, Malaysia) for five days now. I'm loving every moment of it now than the last time I went here. I eat good food. I meet a whole bunch of very good and friendly people that came all over the world. I drink so much without thinking of what tomorrow will bring. I live in a good home. I've got so many nice places to go to. I can swim whenever I want to. What more can you possibly ask in a place where you could almost feel heaven?

I almost forgot the job in Singapore. Gotta be there in a few days.

At least, I can say, I'm getting on putting myself right back on track. That's a good sign for me.

Earla baby. :)

I almost forgot about Big brother. What the hell happened to that loveteam?

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