Sunday, September 10, 2006

Catching Up

I haven’t fed my blog for ages. And to my readers, I so apologize. I’ve got a handful of reasons why I wasn’t able to blog for the past few days.

1. The computer in the common room got a virus. By the time I finally finish what I am about to write, it automatically shuts off. So I’ve become impatient.
2. I’ve got no time. I know it’s so lame, but really, yeah, I’ve got no time. It even surprises me the thought that it was just Monday, and by the time I get to my senses, it’s already end of the week! Sometimes I wonder, do the people I left in the Philippines feel the same way I do?
3. I always go home late from work. I’ve got so many things to do. I’ve got so many projects that will come out on October in Hong Kong toy show. I needed to work twice as fast.

Ugh. That’s why. Please pardon me for that.

The last few days of August were the busy and memorable ones. Well, to catch up, I’ll give you glimpses of what’s been happening to me on my journey here in the land of Shen Zhen.

August 20
Hannah celebrated her third birthday party at Jollibee. Most of our closest relatives and friends were there. How I wish I was there so that I could personally see the beaming face of our little princess. I hope I made her happy and she will not be bothered by my absence as it was swaddled with big and colorful balloons, party poopers, and a lot of kids.

Lunch in Hong Kong
How do you like having just lunch in Hong Kong and having no schedule whatsoever at all? In spite of my busy career schedule, that one Sunday was truly memorable. I don’t have to take a look at the time. For that day, I can go wherever I want, I can do whatever I want to do…I can be as free as a bird. Hong Kong is an interesting place to go to. Of course a day wouldn’t be enough to do all the things I want to do. From Shen Zhen, we rented a car up to LoWu station. and from there, we took the train to Hongkong. I actually don't haveplans of buying anything or going to places whatsoever. I've got money in my pocket. bahala na kahit saan dalhin. papaagos ako. haha!

i got a new fone! finally! yess! i got a sony ericsson z550i. i'm not the techie type of person, but most of the people i know told me it's a good buy! :) in my entire life, this is the first time i got a fone for myself from my own pocket. from my own perspiration. from my own effort. that's why, i'm happy twice as much. hay. ganito pala ang feeling. i'm soo proud of myself... <earla baby smiles and taps her shoulders>

On loving and being loved
We just finished watching Lovers in Paris last Sunday. It was quite a good cry from time to time, from beginning till the end. Maybe, that’s what really love is. Since last weekend, I’ve composed a lot of questions about love. Too many things to ask. Too many people to ask opinions about love. All’s different. Seeing love in one’s own diverse perspective.

Does love really makes the world go round?
Or does it make your whole world stop?

Last Saturday, I thought of texting a friend. Sending messages anyway from my China sim is a lot cheaper than using my Globe roaming sim. I’m happy to be connected to the world again. We’ve had an exchange of how-are-you’s and i-miss-you’s. And I reminded her of her promise of coming to Hong Kong with her partner on November so that I would be able to see them once again, but, in a foreign land. I was so sorry to hear that they’re not together anymore. I still remember her partner before she opted to work in Dubai. Tears were endless before she left. I even told her partner, young as she was, to reach her dreams. Just like me. But like anyone in this world wishes, I am hoping that if one day, her partner comes back from a two-year contract, they’ll still be together and still be so much in love with each other. Well, I guess, some of the good things never really last. Her partner left her leaving “falling-out-of-love” as an excuse. Was it really falling out of love? I am still figuring out. Do long distance relationships don’t really work? Is constant communication still not enough for you to keep the relationship? I wondered.

I missed my friend more. I know she’s grudging. I know what she’s feeling. I am helpless because I could not even hug her and pat her back, and tell her that “it’s going to be okay, in God’s own sweet time. You’ll see.”

I miss Clem. I miss fetching her in her pad before we go to office. I miss bringing her our favorite barbeque and together we grill them, without even caring what her neighbors will tell the next day to their landlady. I miss our chuva talks. I miss our serious talks. I miss our mushy talks over bottles of San Mig Light, whether in her pad, or in CafĂ© Agogo. I miss her sweet way of saying “tangaaaaaa” whenever I make mistakes in life, which, I always do. I miss her oh-so-good tacos. I miss her spaghetti. I miss eating popcorn with her. I miss the way she says good things about me in front of her friends. I miss Clem. I miss my friend.

I am constantly praying that one day, she’ll finally find a love that’s really for her. She’s been kind to everyone. And maybe, she deserves a little more worth (and more love) than she’s getting now. I am so sorry for not being with her, especially now that she’s in her trying times. But I have faith, she can make it. I will always be here for you, chuva. Promise.

You’ll probably be Vivian (Tae-Young). Your future will just about to unfold. So I’ll probably one of those who’ll witness. And be excited.

It.Sucks. (written on tuesday, 09.05.06)
Yesterday was Monday. A beginning of a new week. Was so excited to come to work to finish pending projects that will be due really soon. Polly (our translator), came to me and was asking for my signature. It says on the paper that I was fined 20RMB for not turning off the aircon in the office last Saturday. Okay, I admit, due to excitement and hunger during that time, I ran as fast as I could out of the office, not thinking I was the only one left, and that means, a big responsibility of turning off the lights, fans, and damn! Airconditioner. So I paid yesterday. But since I hate the administration, especially, the head, I thought of giving the 20RMB in coins. As in in yi jiao (10 cents) and wu jiao (50 cents). Anyway, that’s still Chinese currency. Not fake money. They didn’t accept the payment. In fact, the administration head even threatened me that they will be giving me yi jiao’s and wu jiao’s on my salary. I said why not? Only if they can find exactly 80million yi jiao’s. hah!

(fyi: the accounting department here in Shen Zhen does not know the foreigners’ salary. My salary. Even a single employee does not know even a hint on how high my salary is, compared from theirs. That’s why the Hong Kong office is the one preparing our pay slips.) I apologize now to my Chinese friends, but I am really mad why are you not accepting your own currency? Why not tell your government to just make money that you prefer to use and accept. Don’t you think it’s a waste of time and energy making all these coins, and not being accepted? I hate this company. So I’m beginning hate your country too. I even hate your people. A**holes.

And now, Tuesday, I received a memo through our email, from the Administration Department, where every employee can see also. Do they really have to do that? Be proud and tell everyone I DID NOT TURN OFF THE AIRCON LAST SATURDAY??? Now tell me. Is that proper? I actually don’t know what to react. Should I be supposed to laugh at them and say, “Don’t you guys have more important things to do rather than write a memo-- er, trash such as this??

Read on, and tell me what you think. Laugh with me. And hate them with me.
On Sep. 2nd evening, the air-conditioner behind Design Dept. was not turned off after leaving. Since the air-conditioner is a high-power electric machine and wasted a lots of electricity, Our company decided to punish the functionary person Earla by 20 RMB.


Wow! What a grammar. I’m sorry if I wasted A LOTS of electricity ha? I’m sorry too if I am a FUNCTIONARY PERSON ok? (laughed hard till stomach ached.)

But after that, natawa na lang ako. at naging bida pa ako! ha! kilala na ko sa buong office, even sa factory! bida!

To sum it all up. okay naman ako. still getting by. and still surviving. just as you do, my dear reader, one awful day at a time... and always prepare for another awful day that will welcome you tomorrow... and be optimistic. that's what's more important.