Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home, Finally

Manila touchdown at the break of dawn. Been waiting long for my sister to pick me up at the airport. I didn't mind much because I never really got bored during the wait. I was fascinated with people at the airport, of people coming and going.

Finally, I saw the car stopped in front of me. Sister came out of the car to load my luggage. Instead of hugging and going through all those emo stuff, we talked and ranted like there was no location or time gap. It seemed like nothing has changed from the time we last saw each other.

While on our way home, I was welcomed by naggigitgitang jeepneys, buses and vehicles on the highway. To while away the fear, sister put the music in full volume, and we both sang as if it was the best road trip ever.

I so missed this inconsistent and ugly, yet enchanting city. I missed Manila.

Finally, I am home.

First Manila sunrise in 2011


  1. going back to manila over and over is unconditional love or love-hate-love thing. hehe

  2. Korek! Manila owns a special place in my heart. :)