Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Day Tour to the Hospital

So we were in the bus going to the train station. It was too crowded that I always have this chance of getting face-to-face with her. While staring at her, memorizing each contour of her face, and those young and innocent-looking lips, I was stuck looking at her eyes. There was something odd. It looks too weird.

When I told her about it, she hurriedly looked at her iPod touch, her alternate for a mirror, and examined her right eye. She also realized there was something wrong.

After alighting the bus, I forced her to walk to the nearest clinic for a checkup. But the doctor gave a letter, and advised us to go to the emergency of the nearest hospital. I had to call off work too.

It was as if the longest half-day in my entire life. With the long process of different examination, finally, there was a relief. She was not admitted but given two days off from work, different kinds of eye drops, prescribed to have an alternate of hot and cold compress, and has been billed equated to her 2 weeks allowance. At least, it was a bearable challenge. And everything seemed not to be as worse as we expected it would be.

So there was nothing much to do for the day, except to roam around the newly-built first-class hospital. It was overwhelming to see most of the nurses and doctors are Filipinos. Free blankets too for those who feel cold. There were also free BMI checks on every eating place. Food receipts does not only carry the amount of what you bought, but also the calories! And most of all, free apples!

They say, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away." Isn't it kind of odd that they offer apples right after you see a doctor? Or maybe, the apple we ate takes effect the following day after.

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