Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Word Orgasm

I am already on that page, reading the part which made me too absorbed, as if it was real.

I felt an intense heat with the scene, the man who suddenly found himself into a room with a woman he briefly knew of, wearing a light blue dress draping in his naked body, on top of him. Their bodies integrate in a seamless fashion. He began to look at her passionately -- those sweet lips and beautiful lashes, movements that create ripples of emotions. He loved the sight of her breasts with each rising and falling of her deep breath. He gasps at the feeling of the slow rotation of her hips, while her thighs caress his.

Until I heard a loud techno music. Somebody sat beside me with a loud music on his ipod in the train while I was on my way to work. And he is on his earphones, mind you.

Back to reality.

Oh, Murakami, you have this style of writing I so adore.

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