Friday, January 28, 2011

Captivating Camiguin

What is three days compared to a year apart from each other?

I was telling this while tears relentlessly gush from my face. After all that has been done, paid, and scheduled, youngest sister had to tell me day before that she can't miss school and has to efface herself from the Camiguin trip. She remained silent while I incessantly blab about how we have dreamt so much about this, how so much effort has been exhausted to actually make it to reality -- the Tres Marias bonding experience.

Tears after all, was worth it. The three of us made it to "the island of your imagination." It was a long journey to paradise. We took a plane ride to Cagayan de Oro. From CDO, we took a private car to Misamis Oriental. After two hours of land travel, we took a ferry which brought us to Camiguin. Then we took a multi-cab (a jeepney-like vehicle) to Paras Beach Resort.

Finally, after enduring the long hours of travel, we made it. We were warmly welcomed by a drink and a necklace. What amazes me though is how fluent they speak in English. Staff are friendly enough that I said to myself it's going to be a good holiday for me and my sisters.

We visited to places that are all new to us. We ate good food, and got drunk. We made a fool of ourselves like there's no one watching us. We made Camiguin even more captivating because we filled it with beautiful memories.

Our relationship may not be far from other sibling relationships. We had tough times growing up together too. We had to share toys and bikes because parents could not afford to give each one of us. My clothes have to be matching with younger sister's clothes too. When youngest sister was born, I and younger sister took pride in taking care of her, at nine years old, and eight years old respectively.

Now that we've grown older, no one can recognize the age gap anymore. And what is more delightful is that we've matured gracefully and beautifully (literally and figuratively) over the years, whether together or apart.

Camiguin is truly captivating. The pristine white beach is as pure as my love to my biological sisters. We all brought home a memory and rekindled a love that can never be replaced, no matter how different the roads we all take.