Monday, January 3, 2011

Ci Bai Plant

One boring afternoon, I asked our Nursery Manager to take me to a walk into our 13-hectare nursery. I always do this when I feel so tired with bottle-neck workloads and I just have to forget them, even for a while. Aside from eating fruits straight from the trees, it has been a hobby to memorize botanical names of plants, and even amuse myself with certain characteristics.

I asked the Nursery Manager the name of the plant, but he was too hesitant and shy. I didn't know why until I insisted. He took out a leaf, and showed me, like the image shown above. It is called a Ci Bai plant. Ci Bai, pronounced as "ji bai" in hokkien or taiwanese is a word for female sexual organ.

When he told me what Ci Bai is, we both started laughing. What a way to turn around a boring day.

Now an added information for the green mind.

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