Monday, January 10, 2011

Another Year of Nomadic Experiences

I never really had a list of goals I would want to achieve. I just always mumble about them, or talk about them in passing. Most of the time, I forget them, and I could not even gauge the percentage of what I have actually achieved in a year. This list (in random order) might be very good to review once in a while to track where should I be heading to.

1. Keeping Fit
I will religiously continue to engage in an active lifestyle, whether by jogging at least thrice a week, swimming, and maybe have a continuous schedule for badminton.

2. Eating Healthy
I will continue to be conscious of what I eat. I hope I could finally take out eating pork, unless otherwise forced. Therefore, no more pork in my grocery list!

3. Getting a Wise Investment
Finally. This has long been overdue. This year, I hope, when everything turns out well, I could finally call a home of my own. And nope, I don't expect from parents' inheritance. I wouldn't accept it either.

4. Planning More Travels
I am hoping that this year will be full of travels, hopefully a major travel outside Asia. As planned, this will be the year for Bangkok, Vietnam, Cambodia, & Kota Kinabalu. Would love to go back too either Phuket or Bali. And if finances permit, a European tour, covering France, Italy, and Rome as the major places to visit.

5. Re-Connecting to People
This continuous field trip allowed to expand my horizons, however realizing that I should keep connections open to people, most especially those who are close to my heart. In a world where connecting to people is just as simple as a click of a button, it shouldn't be as tough.

6. Going Outside Boundaries
I know I've always been a risk taker, but there are times too that I have been complacent on my job, roles to play, relationships, etc. This is the year to push more beyond my boundaries and exceed expectations. I will do my best in anything and everything.

7. Doing What I Love
There will always be time for everything, if you really want something done. This year, never having time will not be accepted as an excuse. This year, I will do and hone my art. I plan on doing more personal projects, even with little or no budget.

My goals are not ambitious, however simple as it may seem, these require a lot of efforts too. And there's no better time to start, than now.


  1. Thumbs up for #7! :)

    You're right, it doesn't have to cost much in time or money. Kahit punuin mo lang yung sketchpad with all the flowers in your nursery or some such.

  2. I don't have a sketchpad yet. :P Ang dami kong canvas, pero wala akong linseed oil for my paint. LOL dami kong excuses.