Friday, December 31, 2010

The Decade Past

2010 marks the end of the decade.

In retrospect, seeing myself 10 years ago, and the person I have become now, makes me even wonder what will become of me 10 more years after this.

It was ten years ago when I studied in the University. It is the time where I started to really dream dreams. It is the time where I was presented into a bigger and surprising world. A time where I have molded my own identity.

It is in this decade where I started to earn money and be in the corporate world. It is the start of taking part into hoping for the progress of society. It is the time where I have met real monsters and how to cope with them.

It is in this decade too, where I grew my wings, and started to travel the world. It is in this decade where I have become proud, yet humbled, having been given the opportunity to live and work outside my comfort zones. And it is also in this decade where I have realized, that foreign places can be your own comfort zone too.

It is in this time too, that I have realized the value of family, most especially when bound by distance. It is the time of giving back to parents what they have invested on me. It is in this time too that I realized I can create a family too, aside from my biological ones.

It is in this decade where I have experienced how to really love and be loved back. It is in this time I have acknowledged that love can yield you into being your best or your worst, and sad to say, letting go and moving on is all part of the process.

There have been many barriers that had to be broken down, many times of falling and getting up, many fears that had to be faced head-on, struggles that had to be conquered. It made me strong.

There have been countless victories too, overflowing blessings, immeasurable love, and life's little surprises. It made me move on further.

The following decade seems to be a hopeful one. I am looking forward to much much more experiences to learn, more places to go to, more people to love, and more of me to give.

2011, let's get it on!


  1. ... at nabuhay ang blog. sana dumami updates sa 2011. :-)