Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Much like Love

If there would be anything I would like to do today is to be stuck in my kitchen and whip up something good. Or maybe not even good, but at least whip up something. I wanna get messy, cook, and bake.

I woke up today earlier than usual to finalize the experimental cake pops I have started the night before. Was pretty amazed that I did not hit the snooze button of the alarm, and quickly got up. It was the same feeling when you were a kid, and you have a new toy to play with so you wake up really early in the morning.

I still have the candy melts leftover from the chocolate lollipops I also experimented on a few months ago (but never pushed through). I started to melt the white colour candy melts and mixed with a few red ones, but wasn't able to get the perfect consistency of smoothness. I tried the brown candy melts mixed with green but never turned out to be liquid enough. Both of the mixtures were dumped into the waste bin immediately. Yes, disappointment.

I did not lose hope. I still have a bag of couverture chocolate. You know, the ones you use in chocolate fountains. I melted them but wasn't really getting the perfect consistency of the liquified chocolate. It was not perfect, but it will do.

As I was realizing I am running out of time, I quickly dumped two cake balls into the melted chocolate and placed them inside the fridge. As I am typing this in front of the piles of paper works on my office table, I could not resist thinking what had happened to my experiment I left at home. Sigh.

Was the experiment successful? I don't know yet. This, can only teach me to acquire more patience.

So much like love. Everyday will always be experimental. There will be so many emotions when you are into it. Excitement. Passion. Disappointment. Desperation. Patience. And yes, Hope too. I know it won't be perfect all the time, but the promise of hope will always keep us going. Because there is more to life than this. If this is fucked up, eff it. You can always try again.

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