Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Apple has Changed my Life

44% Macintosh users
4% iPhone users
8% iPod users
<1% iPad users

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Realizing this, more than half of my readers are Apple users, and I guess, today must be a sad day for you too. Like mine.

While in transit going to work today, there was a flashback of how Steve Jobs has touched and changed my life, that founder of technology which has given me the freedom of creativity, innovation, and genius.

2004. I remember my first ever job as a junior graphic designer. iMac. That was my first computer at work. That led to creating designs which made me love my career more. I did not stay long enough in that office, but I made sure that I will be absorbed by companies who are apple users.

2006. After coming back from China for work, I bought my most expensive investment during that time. Seventy-nine thousand pesos paid in cold cash. MacBook. I got in love with this buddy, and even named him, Macky. My acquirement of Macky has led to numerous design projects, both personal and paid, one of which was the birth of The College of Accountancy logo at the University of Santo Tomas. It has kept memories of all my nomadic experiences. It has played the songs which have kept me alive during those nights I was rushing for a deadline. It has kept my connection with people all over the world. It has been with me in the most dreadful and most exciting presentations.

2008. I was leaving for Singapore for good. My iPod classic was with me all throughout I have thought was the longest flight ever in my entire life. Fifi has always been the witness of the happiest, the loneliest, and even the ordinary days of my life. "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" was on repeat during the entire flight, while I browse the photos of family and friends.

2010. J's birthday. We bought an iPod touch. A gadget which opened doors for twitter, and made me follow even celebrities. A gadget which made me play games in the most boring times (while on transit or during meetings). A gadget who has become my running buddy, playing songs and telling me how many kilometers I have run so far.

While I am typing this in front of my MacBook office laptop, I am deeply saddened for the loss of the genius who has changed my life. He has touched many many lives in ways unquantifiable. Steve Jobs, your legacy lives on.

Thank you for your foolishness.
Thank you for your hunger.
Thank you for changing the world.

When I clicked the Safari button, this has appeared from the landing page of The loss of a man whom I have only seen on his keynote presentations has crushed my heart deeply.