Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to the Real World

Have you ever thought about those times when all you think about is what bag should you be wearing to school, or what will happen to the next episode of the telenovela you are watching, or what color of ponytail should you be wearing? Don't you just miss those times when everything in life was just as simple as you can imagine?

Lately, there have been much of adult responsibilities and experiences that I am facing. Running errands after every pay day eats up my whole weekend -- paying bills, dropping cheques, sending packages, remitting money, going to the market, and the list goes on.

Aside from that, work demands seem to have leveled up. Being a chairman for our corporate volunteering program gets much attention too aside from office work. It feels good though, and meeting the bigwigs are a plus too. I have been invited to the community's inauguration wherein the President of Singapore will be the Guest of Honor. It made me excited, but at the same time quite scared, because I will be meeting a lot of people I don't know, but are the most important ones in the society.

I have been going out lately with colleagues of different race, who have eventually become close friends too. It's not that I am dumping Filipino friends but it feels good to spend time with these people, and realize that no matter how different our cultures are, we are okay to be friends. However, I feel sad because a thai friend has to go back to his country and be with his family.

Whenever I think about what I am going through now, I am little by little realizing that yes, this is the real world -- complex responsibilities, odd situations, letting go, moving on.

I've waited long enough to be a real adult. I have to act and be one.

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