Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resuscitating Creativity

One of the goals I would want to achieve for 2011 is to do more of what I love -- one of those was to hone my art. And luckily, I was able to start doing them just before the first quarter of the year ended.

Artist friends from Manila (one was my professor in Composition during college) went to Singapore for an exhibit at The Regent Singapore on 6 May. We helped them during the setup, even supported during the opening. In between setups and serious business, we toured them around and visited museums too. Luckily, there is an ongoing Singapore Biennale 2011 which features 60 artists from all over the world exhibited in different venues including Singapore Art Museum & 8Q. It's good to know too that most of the artists are Filipinos, some are even close to my heart.

After that busy week, I had a eureka moment. I got up one morning setting up a working area in our small flat. Took out a canvas, and started dabbing colors on it. Here's to hoping that one day, I will be coming back to that same gallery, with my portfolio, and saying, "Yes, I am ready for my solo exhibit."

Setting up for "States of Matter" Exhibit by Jef Carnay, Marika Constantino, Mimi Tecson & Wesley Valenzuela at GJ Asian Art at The Regent Singapore.
Exhibit runs till end May.

Mark Salvatus' "Wrapped Traces" for Singapore Biennale 2011
Wrapped Traces is an ongoing project that Mark has undertaken in cities around the world that collaborates with local people to create public archives of personal objects. The artist invites passers-by on the street to draw the outline of a personal object they are carrying onto a wall. In a symbolic act of preservation, the artist "mummifies" the traces of peoples' belongings by filling in the outline of their objects with "wrapped patterns, preserving the memory of the people who have participated.

"Stargazers for My Mother," oil on canvas
A work in progress


  1. @rz Yes I do. Does that come as a surprise? :)

  2. I love the paintings. My partner use to paint as well but she just pursue her carrier as a web designer. Just hope she can made one for me... Love the 2nd painting.