Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Hump Day Wednesday

I did not wake up on the right side of the bed.
I woke up today on the BEST side of the bed.

I never really liked Wednesdays. It brings some kind of melancholia that comes from somewhere I am unsure of. But today, out of so many days, is different. Today is whimsically different.

We are nearing the 6-month mark. Honestly, not all days bring sunshine to both of us. There are days that reminds us that we are both humans -- we get angry, we get hurt, we get disappointed, we get frustrated. We have always been reminded by circumstances, that even though our love for each other nourishes us, it will always be challenging to understand each other.

No matter how cliché-ic it sounds, men are really from Mars, while women are from Venus. While we find it so difficult to deal with men, I know that they feel the same way too.

However, last night happened. How often to you get your man to sit down with you and talk his heart out? How many men in the world will understand the fact that women find strength in showing their vulnerabilities? How many men will reminisce that first day they met you and fell in love with you and talk to you about it?

I got that man. Last night, I saw that part of him. We both expressed how this love should always be cultivated, how we should both thrive to find reasons to fall in love with each other everyday. He has given me the most genuine assurance. He's real. He's true. That's all that matters.

Today, he came back from a site visit and handed me over a Subway meal. Simple gestures that are very rare to come by with men. Simple gestures that bring tingles to my spine.

I love my man. I love how we constantly find harmony in our contrast.

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