Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Enduring Love

Me: Akalain mo no? Tatag niyo din e.
Supernanay: Shempre, patibayan kami. Kung sino ang unang aayaw, talo. HAHAHAHA
Ayaw niya siguro matalo. Lugi siya. Hahatian niya ako ng ari-arian niya. HAHAHAHA
Me: Ayaw niyang mapahiwalay sa iyo. Wala ng magtitiis sa kanya. Tiisan lang yan e.
Supernanay: Oo nga. Patibayan nga. Di ko naman maisauli sa nanay niya, wala na eh. Kahit gusto niya ako isauli, wala na din. Sorry na lang.
Me: Sige, gawin din natin yan. Puuush natin 'yan.
Supernanay: Push na lang tlaga! HAHAHAHA

I was having a conversation with the Supernanay, while she told me it's their 31st wedding anniversary. My mom and dad has been married for 31 years. And prior to that, they've been dating for 7 years. That's 38 years altogether! And even up to this day that my dad is very bad with giving gifts, he never misses an occasion.
Even if my mom doesn't admit up to this day, I know I was their "love child." I was already inside her when they got married! I was made in the cold month of December. And during their wedding day, I was already five months, growing fingernails and hair, and I am very sure she was already feeling my movements inside her.

Growing up in a closely-knit family, I have been a witness to their extraordinary love story. My parents grew up together with us too! They have matured as individuals, as partners and as parents to us. I've experienced how they have endured their everyday because of their love for each other. They have endured our everyday. And after thirty-one years, after all these changes that has happened, after every triumph and every hurdle, they have withstood and emerged ever stronger than yesterday.

Recently, while I was having a wine with my dad, I asked him how did they manage to reach this far. Knowing my dad to be a man of few words, he told me, "When she's angry, I keep quiet. When I'm angry, I keep quiet too." He actually made sense. He has mastered the art of compromising with human beings from Venus.

Compared to my mom and dad's love story, mine is still a little seedling that needs more sunlight, water, and insurmountable amount of tender loving care. I am fervently clasping my hands that we may be able to endure together -- that I may be able to endure how he doesn't seem to care about the world (but he sure does in his own manly way), and that he may be able to endure how haywire my emotions are and so much more than that.

I have been a firm believer of a lasting love through my mom and dad. With everything that's happening in the world right now, at least I got something to hold on to -- some kind of genuine hope that we may all be able to endure.

I am so proud of my parents. I am so proud of their enduring love. Whew! Thirty-one years! And here's to another thrity-one years and more!

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