Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Lola Mang | Day 25

Easter Monday.

Yesterday was a special event in our home. It was the family's yearly tradition to have our Easter Egg Hunt after coming home from our Sunday mass. Twelve eggs are to be found in our living room. Who has been keeping them all these years?

Lola Mang.

My mom texted me early in the morning.

"Good Morning! Happy Easter! Sino kaya ang magtatago ng eggs ngayon?" (Who do you think will hide the eggs today?)

She followed through with a photo she took of our altar. She placed food for Lola as our usual "atang"with an unpainted egg. She said, "Magpepaint din siya eh." (She will paint too.)

Usually, when Lola Mang paints, she always draw faces that are always Chinese looking -- two straight lines for the eyes and a long curved line for the lips. And she always boasts them as if they're the best eggs artwork in the world. I guess I'd have to oblige by now.

I drank my coffee early in the morning while I sobbed. It has always been a good time since nobody was watching.

While we were eating lunch, our Easter Egg Hunt memories came through my mind. I gave up controlling the tears. James, in his usual self, cracked up some jokes to make me smile. He made goofy moves while he sang the nursery rhyme, "Three Blind Mice."

Three Blind Mice was one of the nursery rhymes I so loved when I was growing up. Lola Mang taught me the Bicolano version of that rhyme that until now, I still can remember.

Tulum Butang Kino
An sabi san saro
An sabi san saro
Tulum butang kino

I guess when you remember by heart, you remember forever.

I cried. I smiled. I cried again.

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