Friday, June 20, 2014

Half-Year Mark

Dear Love,

We have just hurdled a big challenge in our relationship. I know this may be little from the bigger challenges we may be meeting along in our journey. We've only reached our half-year mark, and yet I know in my heart that we've endured a lot and we've become stronger, ever ready to overcome more.

Love, the more you open up yourself to me, the more you slowly take away the surface of your soul, the more I realize how much more there is to know, and accept, and love about you.

You may have thought that our meeting was the most unconventional and the most awkward to tell. But for me, I believe that our meeting was the most perfect time for us. Both of us were wounded, scared, and dazed. And yet when we met, I have realized that there was more of me to become. I've began to dream real dreams. I've began to do things with purpose. I've began to set beautiful goals I have never thought I would want to have. I have become fearless of what seemed to be a horrifying world.

Everyday has always been beautiful and memorable -- 
whether we are sharing the most intimate night at a fine dining restaurant or having dried fish and eggs for breakfast in our pajamas; 
whether we're sipping a first grade Sauvignon with a view of Clarke Quay city skyline or drinking a $20 wine on a plastic cup at a park;
whether we're watching a movie premiere on a couple seat with hotdogs and popcorn, or watching Monsters University for the Nth time at home while having some greasy chips;
whether we're lying down side by side watching the Phuket sunset while sipping our ice-cold Chang, or walking home from work, holding hands, while we admire how the night steals the day;
and the list goes on.

I am ever so thankful to the Universe for the gift of YOU. You have made life so beautiful. You have made me beautiful. I must have done something so good to deserve all these. And you are the gift that I would want to love, nurture, and cherish for as long as I am able to.

Like all relationships, ours may not be perfect as well. When we are faced with arguments, let us have arguments that both of us will win. Let's have arguments that are only for argument's sake. Let's have arguments that will make the better US. Let's have arguments with respect and never takes out each other's dignity. Let's choose the best argument.

And yet we love. I love loving you. I love how you express your love to me. I love your ways. I love our ways. I love the things we say and do for each other to express this feeling. There's too much love for you in this lifetime, love. This escalating ecstasy is beyond comprehension.

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