Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sisterly Luvvv

I wonder where is the next trip with my sister would be?

Taken by Juli in Bintan, Indonesia. Photo edited by yours truly.


  1. Nice Shot! hehehe :)
    tagal mong di nagpost ah! busy busyhan? :)

  2. i agree. nice! :) though i'd like to see the full body to better appreciate them ;) so do send postcards to someone who's stuck in local soil (that's me!). =) have fun!

  3. very cool shot. :-)

  4. @straight-ish Yes, been very very busy. With work, with sports, with personal projects. :P Though I'm working on some drafts though. I'll try to religiously update this.
    @firewomyn Oh yes, I'll try to post more photos so I can take you everywhere virtually. :)
    @Fickle Cattle Thanks!