Sunday, August 29, 2010

Defining a Designer

In one of the seminars I have handled a few years ago on Designing in Magazines in my alma matter, I clearly remember I told the students that being a graphic designer is more tedious than being a writer. Why? Because instead of a think-and-write process, designers think, then write, before actually putting them into visual representations.

Most of the advertising agencies in the Philippines tend to spoon feed their designers. Creative Directors conceptualize everything while the designer just waits for detailed instructions and be able to manipulate the concept into computer.

Luckily, I have not worked in one of those. Or maybe, I didn't last long enough to remember I was into one. Most of the companies I have worked in, not only have beers and wine inside the fridge where you can actually grab during brainstorming sessions, or would allow you to smoke right in front of your computer, but ultimately taught me how it really is to be a designer; A designer who researches, who takes the time to get to know other designers and other styles, who conceptualizes, who painstakingly squeezes those creative juices, even at the most tumultuous time where one cannot squeeze even a drop.

I've had my share of all designers' dilemma. There were times when a big idea just pops out into mind even when the brief is still in the process. There were times as well that no matter how brilliant my idea is, the creative team usually chooses the concept which took only 5 minutes to create than the one I struggled to think about for days. Most of the times, I let sleeping or talking to someone over a cup of coffee, do the trick. These are the times that a big idea finally emerges.

More than making money out of designing, I believe that I design because this is the best way I can communicate and take part in changing the world. I am most happy doing personal projects, and those with little or no budget.

There is no regret that I took this path. I knocked down walls, gone over hurdles, been bruised and shed blood, however this is my passion. It made me ME. From where I am now and what I have become, and what I will be, that will define a true designer.

I couldn't believe I was able to do a special project such as this--the 18th Birthday of my youngest sister. Despite the distance, and a lot more challenges, there was no other choice but to pull it off. From conceptualization and design of invites, to her dress, cake, venue, giveaways, I was able to integrate what my client wants. And this has been a humbling experience.


  1. chor ka. chor. what about my input?? :P

  2. Super Like!!!

    "More than making money out of designing, I believe that I design because this is the best way I can communicate and take part in changing the world. I am most happy doing personal projects..."

    Birds of the same feather are just so brilliant : )

    PS: I also love your aesthetic. LOL.

    Hope to have a collaboration with you sometime soon!

  3. It's always a pleasure reading about a person who loves her work. The venue looks fantastic. The night must have been magical for your sister and her guests. :)

  4. @chrissy oh yes. You're the best!
    @firewomyn thanks!
    @artschool girlfriend Thanks Carms! Can't wait to have a collab with you!!! But I have so many projects in mind! :)
    @scout Hi there! Thanks for dropping by. :) So you are the "sisterhood" firewomyn is referring to. Love your blog, both content and layout!

  5. Yeah, pretty much had a difficult past couple of months but I'm dealing alright, considering. Thanks for visiting my new place. :)

  6. i bet the party was a blast. i so like the invitation. so unique. :)