Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Arrivals and Departures

Nomad as I am, I got used to all the trades and techniques in traveling, whether heading to the beach, or out of the country, or simply just to get a gastronomic experience. Name it, we can have a never-ending conversation. But there's only thing I never get used to, the departing part.

You see, the airport brings different emotions. Excitement is what tourists feel especially if they're heading to a new destination. Others feel happiness and contentment especially if they're heading to their place of origin. While some are scared of what a new destination brings forth. There are some who shed tears because of unexplainable sadness due to parting.

I took part personally in all these emotions that almost always happen in an airport. I remember the first time I went out of the country. I was opened to a bigger and more exciting world that I have yet to conquer. It was then followed by going to destinations within the Philippine islands, and even working for the first time in a country who speaks little or no english. Now that I am working and living in another country, less than 4 hours away from the Philippines, I thought it would be a breeze on getting used to arrivals and departures, since I do it most of the times.

Honestly, the number of years of traveling maybe many, even genuine proofs of numerous passport stamps, 2 tourist visas, and 2 working visas, I have yet to learn that departures are always in conjunction with arrivals.

I sent my sister yesterday to the airport after a surprise visit nine days ago. We had so much fun together, it's as if she's living here with me. We lived luxuriously in a hotel provided for her. We watched a movie, ate and shopped everywhere. We even went to Indonesia for a short getaway.

She knocked on my door one Sunday morning, and I cried because the surprise arrival was too good to be true! (I was only in Manila a few days before she came to Singapore.) Then, when I accompanied her to the immigration for her departure after hugging her, I cried again, realizing that she won't be around anymore. But still, an airport is a hopeful place. I'd like to think there would be more arrivals soon.

* photo taken at Changi Airport Terminal 2, Singapore


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  2. 'Parting is such sweet sorrow, That I shall say good-night till it be morrow.'
    - William Shakespeare

    Always bittersweet leaving a place but the good thing about it is the waiting time before boarding. All time is spent thinking of all the good memories made. I remember the last time I spent in a departure area, I fondly remember the good times I spent with great friends and bringing it back home with me.. while also thinking of the promise, the dream and the idea that I'd come back.

  3. @Artschool Girlfriend - I agree. and I am hopeful. :)

  4. very nice :) am envious. i've never been out of the country. hopefully next year when my major family expenses are done. so am excited too! :) more kwento and be my sight to the world :)

  5. @firewomyn I'll tour you around if ever you've decided to go to SG for your first ever out of the country trip! Sama mo si gf :) Double-date tyo. :)

  6. will save up first :) gf has worked overseas before so am the only who's deprived. hehe.