Thursday, December 25, 2008

Coming Home for Christmas

Left the office at 4pm, asked my boss if I could leave early so that I have ample time to prepare for our noche buena. Good thing, he's kind enough to give me a new project in the morning and finish it at 4pm so I could leave. Ugh, talking about making the most of the time.

I suddenly felt the warmth of Christmas in the air. Trains are all crowded with people rushing from buying last-minute gifts and groceries. I was in a rush too. I went to Cold Storage hoping to get our planned christmas turkey. I was so disappointed to find out that it was already sold out and I had to settle for australian beef marinated with herbs. 

When I got home, I finally ate my first meal of the day at 8pm. And the last meal I ate before that was lunch time day before. After eating, I then stepped into preparing for the much-awaited noche buena. I prepared food for 7 people-3 of those are invited guests. I did try to make the christmas dinner much like of a formal celebration. I prepared australian beef marinated with herbs, mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables. It was served together with chardonnay and strawberry zinfandel. How about that? Jhet also prepared baked macaroni. While Kate and Medz brought chicken afritada. After that, we succumb ourselves into drinking that korean alcohol (Soju) Leo gave Jayvee on her birthday. We were singing and talking about anything to everything to nothing-and loving every moment of it.

This is the second Christmas I am away from the Philippines. First was in China. Now, it's here in Singapore. Both are incomparable. I loved christmas memories in China too. But maybe now that I've grown older, I finally realized that being happy and contented is a choice.

I didn't celebrate Christmas 2008 in the Philippines, but I can say that I am home-where home is not a place, but a state of being-a haven, a comfort zone. I am content. I am thankful.

So, did you come home for Christmas this year?

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