Tuesday, December 2, 2008

God did send a BIG smile yesterday.

This was how the sky looked yesterday. I was a rare phenomenon. Venus and Jupiter appeared the brightest as the crescent moon is just below them. I wasn't able to see it personally, but I'm hopeful to see it five years from now.

Indeed, God did send a BIG smile yesterday. He's there. He's always been. And will always be.

A BIG smile back at you too, God!

*photo courtesy of www.news.com.au


  1. i saw it last night but was not able to take a picture. i didn't realize that it was jupiter and venus. =)

  2. Yes Mimi. Sayang di mo nagamit ang new camera mo :) di bale, after five years, show me the picture of that same sky, with a BIG smile of GOD. :)