Monday, January 19, 2009

Just Blabbing.

I want to blab about things. Things that bother me. Things I don't seem to understand for now. Things that happen that are out of my grasp.

How does a person accept things or people that come and just go, or most of the times, we just choose to move on?

People we meet.
People we make friends with.
People we choose to love.
People we unintentionally fall in love with.
Things we choose to love.
Things we want to grow in.
Things that are unknowingly we have loved.
Circumstances we wouldn't want to last.
Special moments we only want to linger.

I know. I know. No matter how we love these, everything is transitory. Whether we have invested so much love in it, whether we have put so much effort to nurture it, time is not on our side. They take it away from us. There will always be an end to every story. And it feels bad. It creates a wound too deep that only time can heal. It leaves a scar.

I always want to remind myself that I am a warrior. And for whatever reason it is, these scars make me stronger than any other person in this world. The battle is not yet over. I have a strong shield that no one can ever take away from me.

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