Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Oody's... but not really goodies

I've been eyeing to eat at Oody's bar with a friend eversince i saw it at Robinson's Galleria. And finally, after a long time, I found myself eating at the said bar in Robinson's Place, Manila.

I've been so excited to eat their specialty. Been thinking if I could embrace Thai cuisine. There's a few of Thai cuisines that I really love. And for that matter, I wanted to order food that's new to my taste. My friend and I ordered grilled squid, chicken satay and fried rice seafood. I even ordered thai iced tea.


Chicken Satay: It was good! Even the sauce was great.

Grilled Squid: The squid was cooked very well. It tastes really good. The sauce though was made out of tamarind. Although, I love tamarind, personally, I think, it really doesn't go with the squid.

Fried Rice Seafood: This, from what I've heard, is one of their best sellers. The presentation was good. The java rice was so plenty in comparison to the seafood toppings. I could not finish the whole "bowl" of rice. It tastes good, it just leaves an aftertaste though.

Thai iced tea: Just imagine a brewed tea with milk. It just doesn't go with everything I ate.

After leaving the resto, I was thinking, was it just me who didn't like it (because i could not embrace everything about Thai cuisine)? or it's not really a nice place to eat?

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