Thursday, October 13, 2005

at least i got satisfied at CONRAD'S

after a not-so-satisfying experience last night at oody's bar, finally, bumawi naman siya sa kinainan namin ngayon. :) after i went to DFA for my appearance, we went straight to Conrad's resto to satisfy our hungry stomachs. the place was really cozy and very comfy.

We were the first customers to arrive so the service was also really good! we ordered for our all-time favorite, seafood kare kare and fried shrimps! i felt so heaven at that time. just thinking how ironic the feeling was to where we ate last night. i couldnt even comment even a simple thing. all i ever thought and said was:



i really find pleasure in eating nowadays. i spent half of year 2005 dieting. and honestly, it was really sad... and now after reaching the shape i've always wanted, i am starting to eat again... a lot. and i love it! not just eating, but the conversations you share with hte people i am eating with.

who cares if i get fat again?? i love eating. period.

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