Wednesday, September 28, 2005

On Growing and Getting Old

I have then realized that there is actually one soul who always makes time to read my blogs -- i have then realized that there is this someone, without me knowing, continuously updating herself about me, and what i have been thinking and doing.

Days ago, I have posted a blog entitled, "Hibernation, anyone?" All about fear of getting and growing old. And that single soul who has read my blog sent me an email answering all these fears i am getting with the thought of growing old.

this is FOR YOU.

"not all..."

not all old people stop loving....some of us thrive constantly and would bargain the best deals of our life for "love's sake"
most of us become innately sensitive at the smallest whimper or cry.....even just the breeze and appreciates simplicity at it's purest form.
old people..........i think stare at rainbows...longer than you,
and YES
they do stop and linger among sunsets patiently waiting and feels glorified when the sun rise;

and NO
not all old people become busy.......some
"makes time"
you, of all, should know .

never fear growing old.....never fear knowing.....never miss a day done;

the minute your heart knows how to recognize feelings
it "stays there"......for i believe only the form changes with time.....

i am old , and i keep learning from a young soul like you....
the thing is ......while you rebel at the "difference".....
i find "harmony"
with the CONTRAST.

my dearest young friend.....

do you know that i still visit your blog and read your thoughts without telling ..... how else would i know ? maybe love , and sensitivity, and making time has something to do with that....
or just maybe.....i'm more, "in " your life than you are with mine.

how does it feel to get old ? feels nothing.......just the usual day by day......passing.
and , oh for me, i tend to say "thank you and i love you"....more often now... than before........... thanks for being a good part of my getting old.

from an old friend.........."literally."


And tears started to trickle down my cheeks. I've realized, that maybe there is nothing to worry about with people getting old.

Getting old means...
Loving more and more people.
More conversations with friends.
More rainbows to stare at.
More sunrises and sunsets to patiently wait for.
More time to say thank you's and i love you's.

More experiences to spend with one of my special friends (especially the one who sent this to me).

I am 22 now. So what?
I am not scared anymore.

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