Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Hibernation, anyone?

Is there any single soul who wants to join me for hibernation?

Why is it that yearly, I would always feel this way whenever it's already the twentieth of september? feels like i am almost becoming a monster again. or maybe into the process of morphing.

scary. i dont want to grow old!

i still can't cross the streets.
i still dont know directions.
i still cant be alone.

i dont want to grow old.

old people stop loving.
old people overlook at the smallest yet nicer things in life.
old people cant appreciate rainbows anymore.
old people cant appreciate sunsets and sunrises as well.
old people become so busy they lose time for loved ones.

every year, i dread the day of growing old.

i dont want to tire myself of loving.
of smelling flowers at the courtyard.
of staring at the wonders of colorful rainbows and beautiful sunsets.
of spending quality time with loved ones.

and maybe i'll just start learning crossing the streets and knowing directions.
In that aspect, maybe I should grow old on that.

But with everything,
I am sure, I'll still be keeping the child in me.

Tomorrow, I'll be hibernating.
So that the next time i come back, it's the 22nd.
and i missed the day of morphing and becoming more like of a monster.

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