Monday, May 10, 2010

A Spotlight on Mothers

Same as the previous years, I am obliged to offer help to flower shop most especially in special events like this: Mother's Day. As always, I am assigned to preparing message cards for recipients. It feels really good to read all these messages, adding a personal touch, like putting a small heart or a smiling face. Never thought about working on weekends. Loved the job anyway.

It feels really good to see so many flowers, so much it creates a bed, everywhere. It feels equally as good, that we make these women happy by these arrangements.

On a personal note, I'd like to share the sms conversation with my mom:

Super Nanay: Hi! Musta? Kahit di mo ako pansinin, happy mother's day sa nanay ni Earla! [Hi! How are you? Even if you ignore me, Happy Mother's Day to Earla's mom!]

Me: Happy Mother's Day Mommy! Malilimutan ko ba naman yun, e love na love kita! [Happy Mother's Day Mommy! How can I ever forget, I love you very very much!]

Super Nanay: Ok. Love din kita. Hindi ako nanay kung wala ka. Ingat. [Ok. I love you too. I will never be a mother, if you're not here. Take care.]

I didn't manage to reply in an instant, tears started to fall. No matter how comical my relationship with my mom is, it certainly evokes a kind of unexplainable love, maybe no other daughter/son has ever experienced. The present may be late, but I never forget, most especially on occasions like these.

During the mass yesterday, the priest advised all mothers to stand up for them to be blessed. I proudly stood up, feeling a deep sense of motherly love. I have been a mother too, to my niece, to my siblings, to friends, to our pets. Though, I may not have experienced yet having a biological son/daughter, I feel responsible to mother and nurture people and things around me. I am proud, and at the same time, humbled, as tears started to fall again.

It may be a bit late, but nevertheless, I would like to salute all the mothers, as well as the mothers-to-be. Being one is one tough vocation.

If they say, yesterday is for our mothers, then today is the time we put the spotlight to our motherland.


  1. "Super Nanay: Hi! Musta? Kahit di mo ako pansinin, happy mother's day sa nanay ni Earla!" ---> Galing! creative magtxt si mommy! :)

  2. @Straight-ish -yeah. she's dearly loved by everybody. :) Jologs din kasi e. haha.