Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surprise in Orange

I called her up a day before her birthday.

"Saan ka bukas?" with a grin on my face.

"Dito lang sa bahay. Pero pupunta kami sa Toba around 5pm."

"Ah, okay. Pwede ba 'kong dumaan jan bukas, makikikain lang ng pansit."

"Ano ka ba, wala naman pansit dito, yakisoba lang meron."

"Sige, yakisoba na lang ihanda mo sa akin. Seafood ha."

With that tone on her voice, She knew I was up for something. She answered yes, eventhough we both knew it was just wishful thinking.

"Okay. Just wait for me. I'll be there around afternoon. Para makasama rin ako sa Toba."

It was my friend's birthday. We're miles apart. While she's living in Japan, I am here in Singapore. But, as I always say, distance was never a hindrance. I had to make it special for her like she always did to me.

A surprise in Orange just came in time for her special day. I was truly delighted how she has appreciated my "presence."

It has always been good to be back on "my favorite couch." :)


  1. sweeeeet!
    bliss, you're so galing! pahiram ng idea ha..
    I'll do that on monday!!
    And since there's no special occassion whatsoever,
    I'll just put: "Just because..." on the note.
    sana magets nya yon! :D

  2. No problem! Goodluck ha? Balitaan mko how it went out. :)

  3. Bliiisss!! I had it ordered and delivered to her office. Touched sya! her words were: I'm 'bursting' with feelings. hehehe..
    Cheers! write ka pa! :)