Monday, March 15, 2010

Bold in Phuket

I thought I have seen paradise, until I set foot on the fine white sands of Phuket, Thailand. It literally brought me into tears seeing such a charming little part in the world. It was not only the crystal clear beach that brought its charm, but also the kind-hearted locals and even foreigners, the balance between the contemporary and the rustic, the perfect fusion of the old and the new, and the richness of culture that totally overflows.

Along the Patong Beach in Phuket, one can be mesmerized by women who are strolling along the shoreline, topless. How can one resist to take a look at the beautiful creatures made by the Man above, without any hesitation, and malice? I loved the boldness of these beautiful women, young and old, with skin tones in different hues and shades.

On my second day in that beautiful island, I had my share. I took off that top, and boldly swam the pristine waters, without hesitation. It was a liberating experience, I may say, that I have sunbathed, and walked, just like them, such a wonderful work of art by my God.

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