Thursday, February 4, 2010

On Cherry Blossoms and Transitions

It's the Cherry Blossoms Season once again. And this season once again brings a lot of mixed feelings and emotions. I clearly remember my blog on cherry blossoms entitled "Mono No Aware", the awareness of the transience of things. I was still dreaming of seeing real blossoms back then, and now, finally, I was able to not only see, but touch real cherry blossoms. It was not a season of Cherry Blossoms when I went to Japan in September last year, but who would have thought that I could see real cherry blossoms in a city of tropical climate such as this? It was truly even more breathtaking and whimsical seeing them live.

It's lovely to see these blossoms, but like all things, everything is transitory and in transition. It actually got me into thinking, with all the hello's and goodbye's that I've had in my life, I have yet to get accustomed to how fleeting circumstances, situations, people, and things are.

Taken at Prince's Landscape and Construction Pte Ltd Retail Centre, at Lorong Ah Thia, during a photo shoot yesterday.

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