Saturday, September 1, 2007

1st of September

It's the first day of September and I'm feeling this birthday blues again. Why do I have to feel this every year? Feels like I want to hibernate again. Well, anyway, this may be the first time I will be sharing my birthday wishes.

1. World Peace
I know it sounds so cliche-ic but what the heck, the world's so chaotic already. And we need this, because I believe, if there's peace, there's love.

2. Peace of Mind
My mind's too cluttered always. Oftentimes, I don't get something well-done because I have a lot of things in mind. I need to re-boot my system and have a clearer and cleaner state of mind.

3. Piece of Cake
Last year, when I was in China, I got a 3-layered cake, and even an orange cake. It was an extravagant birthday. But this year, it's fine with me if I'd just have even a slice of cake, as long as I have my loved ones with me.



*** : uy, wag ka nga magtext dito. delikado.

+++ : ah talaga? eh bakit?

*** : alam mo, wala ng lugar na safe ngayon sa mundo.

+++ : sa bagay, kahit jan siguro sa puso mo hindi rin safe eh. but it's all woth risking.

*** : pero safe ka dito sa akin, I'm telling you now.


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