Saturday, August 25, 2007


I got sore eyes. And today's the fourth day. This is different from having a headache, or colds, or cough, I guess. Because this is contagious. I couldn't go to office, I might transfer the virus. I can't meet up anyone, even just over coffee because no one wants to share this annoying virus I am carrying. And bottomline is, I cant go anywhere. Or to make that line even more brutal, I can't go OUT. And I hate it, because I am not a home buddy. My feet are itchy for travels and places. I just can't be stuck in one place. Four days, almost like forever, I've been wanting to smell manila pollution again, and sweat, and get irritated with traffic and undisciplined people in MRT. Added to that, nothing has happened on my long weekend. Much as I hate it, I stayed at home.

But it's not that lonely, dear reader. Someone gave it a little bit of a spice. Yesterday, someone came up to our door, and knocked. A delivery man from a flower shop. Oh, a bouquet of gorgeous pink roses for someone who has been a bum for days! I loved it soo much. I almost forgot about the sore eyes. And that headache simply went away just like that.

And to you, who's hoping that I'd be happy always, well... you made that prayer answered. You got my heart. *wink*



  1. sabi ko sau wag kang bili ng bili ng bulaklak para sa sarili mo masyado kang maluho.

  2. yan din sabi ko sa kanya. tsk. di pa naman balemtayms.