Sunday, July 23, 2006

One Month. And a lot more to miss.

Two days from now and i am exactly one month surviving in a foreign land, not even once in my life i thought i'd go to. Because with the enthusiasm of embracing other different err, unique cultures, i was able to get by. but it wasn't easy as that. leaving home was such an enormous choice to make. since day one i was born, i was exposed to a land i never seem to appreciate. philippines for me then was just a, say, "a so-so country" and a "so-so society." but day one i landed in this foreign land, i started to whisper that "hey, the philippines is "an A-okay country and society!" I was able to love my country more than ever before. and miss it more and more each day... sigh.

Can anybody send me, sinigang na baboy, kare-kare, tuyo, green mangoes with bagoong, my loved ones, my bingo and my casino, my starbucks, and my most loved telenovela "sa piling mo" here in china? by then i can probably say i can be okay here. :(

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