Friday, July 1, 2005 that just it?

"It's not a question here if I still love you, because seriously I do, and you know and feel that. But the way things are going on now, maybe, we'll just again wait for another lifetime. It really pains my heart badly to tell you this... I just think this is the best thing to do... Please remember--this is not about my eternal love for you, because I still am and still will be..."

It was such a noble thing to do. Loving someone so deeply and purely, and still holding on... It's not about letting go. Because waiting for another lifetime is way too long for people, to tell that person that he's actually letting go. Sometimes, love is not just enough to keep a relationship. The world is too big for people to embrace all its flaws and uncertainties. The world will never understand each and every earthling that lives in his abode. But love, still stays as it is. Even without a relationship. Love is the best and at the same time, the worst feeling someone will ever have in his entire lifetime. and it is, definitely wonderful.

If someone will ask me now-- "Would you still risk your heart to love, even if the whole world never allows you to?" Definitely, no second thoughts, I'd still choose to love. The whole world will never completely understand me, or you. This life is a continuous journey of making ourselves, purely understood.

And yes.
it's just that it.

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