Tuesday, March 10, 2015


Hashtag Clingy.

Young people of today use that as part of their everyday language. Why are people of today so clingy with everyone and everything that at times it doesn't make sense anymore.

What has ever happened to our personal independence?

My phone suddenly gave up on me today. My alarm didn't wake me up. I couldn't check my calendar on my daily schedule and meetings. I lost communication to family and friends overseas. I could not even track when my next period will be. Just because my phone died on me.

I felt like I was a headless chicken running around nowhere.

And why do we act this way with our relationships too? We have been used unto being attached to the comfort of having them around. What will happen when suddenly one is gone, or lost?

Should we feel like a headless chicken running around nowhere too?

We cling, and yet we only cling for the moment.

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